How do I mount a different lens to my Diana F+ camera?

The Diana F+ camera has lenses that you can attach with – the 20mm, 30mm, 55mm and 110mm lenses.

How to remove the existing lens:

It’s really easy to mount new lenses onto your Diana F+ camera body. Look at the right side of the lens barrel (with the lens facing you). You’ll see a series of three dots, with two of the dots on the bottom (this is the LOCK position). Grab the lens with your hand and slowly rotate it counter-clockwise. It should move fairly easily – without the need to force it. The two dots will now be at the top, UNLOCK position. Remove the lens. If you have front & rear lens caps, then put them on for safe storage.

How to mount a new lens:

Remove the rear lens cap of your new lens. Match the white dot on your camera lens with the top, UNLOCK dot on your camera body. It will slip right on. Smoothly rotate the lens clockwise until the two dots are now in the LOCK position. You’re ready to shoot!

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written on 2010-03-30 in #diana-f-plus #lenses