Developing: Where can I get my film developed, scanned, or printed?

135 or 35mm color negative film can be processed at your local drugstore or one-hour lab. Our labs have the ability to scan your images to an electronic file that will be send to you through mail, disc and/or make 4×6 mini prints.

120 or medium format film, black and white film, slide film, and any film you want cross-processed will require some professional help. A professional photo lab in your area can process, scan, and print any size images from any of these types of film. If you can’t find a film lab in your area by scouting around (or with the help of an Internet search engine), there are plenty of reasonably-priced mail-away labs that you can use!

Can’t find a photolab near your place? Then head on to our LomoLab and our friendly Labrats will take care of all your film developing needs.

written on 2010-03-30 in #film