I'm getting an error message while placing an online order. Why is that?

If you encounter a problem while ordering from Lomography.com, please make sure that your credit card has the capability to make international purchases. Lomography has several offices that can ship products all over the globe, but we have one central bank in Paris, so please contact your financial institution to make sure they aren’t flagging the purchase as fraud.

Some financial institutions create an online fraud protection screen that you must fill out before making an online purchase to verify your identity online. “Verified by Visa” is a popular one, and Lomography.com has no control over them, as they are put in place by your financial institution. Please contact your bank or credit card company for further information.

At the end of every successful order, you will see a confirmation screen with your Lomography.com order ID number. If you do not see this confirmation screen, the payment did not go through and you can place a new order at any time.

If you encounter a persistent problem, get a screen shot of the error and contact us with as much information about the problem as possible.

written on 2010-03-30 in #shop