What film formats can be used in the Lubitel 166+?

You can use both 120 and 35mm film with your Lubitel 166+.

The Lubitel 166+ produces 6×6” and 6×4.5” images on 120 film, depending on the mask that you use. You can also create endless panoramic shots in the Lubitel 166+, though you will need to scan the film or make a contact sheet in order to see the entire image.

Included with the Lubitel 166+ is a four-piece “Lubikin” set that can transform your camera into a 35mm machine. With this, you can opt to scan your film with perforations/sprockets, depending on how you like it.

Remember that the Lubitel 166+ is the only TLR camera on the planet that can shoot and rewind both 120 and 35mm film, so no matter which format you use, if you need to go back a frame or two, this camera has got you covered.

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written on 2010-03-30 in #camera #lubitel