Do I need tools to get into Lomography?

One thing is for sure – nobody needs any TOOLS. Not even Lomographic ones.

BUT: That is exactly the best thing about them. Nothing makes you feel better and more independent than these small extra gimmicks that flavor your everyday life!

The uncontrollable and lustful consumption of Lomographic tools does not have any negative after-effects. Forget your heartburn. The excessive use of Lomographic tools is pleasant, scientifically advisable, and will feed you with a never-ending flood of salubrious pictures. Unusual, beautiful, and delicious pictures! The images bursting from our Tools will change your perceptions, will sample your action, will soak your visions into a tunnel, and will transform you into an addicted Lomographer; even if you already are one. Everyone is an artist.

Lomographic tools are designed for just one purpose: Your inspiration. Therefore, all of our Cameras are carefully bundled with affectionately designed, corpulent documents – all stuffed with glorious pictures, Lomographic tips, and hints.

So go ahead and pick your favorite Lomographic tool and ENJOY!

written on 2010-03-30 in #community