Film 101: Where can I find film for my camera?

Like the exlusive and flightless kiwi bird, some films are harder to find than others.

It is easiest to find 135 or 35mm color negative film because it is readily available in most convenience stores. At a drugstore, you are most likely to find it near the mini-lab photo department or hanging on the wall in single-serve cardboard boxes.

120 or medium format slide film is slightly harder to find. Not usually available in convenience stores, you’ll have to go look for it in professional photo stores and laboratories, or in web shops like

Some cameras that use 135 or 35mm film: LC-A+, LC-Wide, Konstruktor, LomoKino, La Sardina, Fisheye One and No.2, Horizon, etc.

120 or medium format film can also be found at your local pro lab or photo supply store, in varieties such as black and white, color negative, color slide, and even infrared. You can view’s wide selection of 120 film by clicking here.

Some cameras that use 120 or medium format film: Diana F+, LC-A 120, Lubitel 166+, Belair X 6-12, etc.

written on 2010-03-30 in #film