What is a Lomography competitions and what can I win if I participate?

A Lomography competition is a contest wherein we ask you, the great community of Lomographers, to go out in the world and shoot to win! These contests usually ask for photos centered around a theme, so be sure to stick to the theme to have the best chance of winning! competitions can be found in the Magazine portion of our shop so head on over and enter one today!

As for prizes, well…

Sometimes, we give out prizes from our shop while other times, we give out Piggy Points to spend in our online shop.

For the Piggy Points awarded to the competition winners, please give us ONE WEEK from announcement to process your piggies. We usually batch-process the awarding and hopefully it gets streamlined soon!

The announcement of winners varies with every competition, due to the fact that the amount of entries change with every competition. Some competitions will have a strict announcement date, while others won’t. For the latter, please give us a span of two weeks to select the winners. This means winner announcements can be made early on within the 2-week period or at the exact end of it. (But we promise we’ll try to keep it earlier than later!)

Some competitions such as collaborative efforts might have announcement delays due to logistical organization. Just keep an eye on the site, and good luck!

written on 2010-03-30 in #community #rumble