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Taking your camera everywhere you go just got a whole lot easier. Until 26 August 2017, we’re giving away a free Lomography camera strap with every Lomo’Instant Automat, Lomo’Instant Automat Glass, and Lomo’Instant Wide! What are you waiting for? Start your instant adventure now at the Lomography Online Shop.

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La Sardina and Flash Czar

Create your next wide-angle, multi-exposure masterpiece with the classic form factor and brilliant brass of the La Sardina and Flash Czar!

Photo of the Day by haydn

Take a trip to the misty Berry, Australia through this moody photo by haydn. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to haydn for winning Photo of the Day!

Beauty in Bokeh with Singaporean Photographer Walter Tan and the Petzval 85 Art Lens

Walter took the Petzval 85 Art Lens for a shoot and shares with us his passion for showcasing the subtleties of beauty.

25 Years of Lomography: Help us Spread the Word!

25 Years of Lomography: Help us Spread the Word!

There's only a few days left until we close all our LomoWall Competitions. Help us spread the word and win 20 piggies to spend in the Lomography Online Shop!

25 Years of Lomography

To celebrate 25 Years of Lomography, we are running 196 competitions for 196 countries – find out more in this article and on our official site. Here is a visualisation of the submissions we’ve received so far, per country! The brighter the country, the more submissions we have received. Please note that submissions have not opened in some countries yet. Find a list of all currently running competitions in our dedicated section.

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Our great community members have uploaded 13,676,398 photos so far. Browse all of them or search by tags, countries, cities, cameras or films. Be a part of it and add your photos as well!

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Klawe is our LomoHome of the Day!

Klawe is our LomoHome of the Day!

Klawe's LomoHome offers a glimpse to how picturesque places around the world looked like decades ago. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to klawe for winning Home of the Day!

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