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  • Instax Business Cards

    written by wn7ant on 2011-08-25 in #gear #tipster
    Instax Business Cards

    Different. Business cards that marry Digital to Analog. Something personally created that is different every time. A unique product that raises peoples interest in it, and the process that creates it.

  • Corporate Fisheye Splitzer

    written by clichecliche44 on 2009-09-05 in #gear #tipster
    Corporate Fisheye Splitzer

    You can use buisness cards to make a splitzer for your Fisheye! The size of the business card is perfect for your Fisheye lense. All you need is some tape, a business card and your Fisheye!

  • Selfmade Lomo Business Cards

    written by mephisto19 on 2009-01-05 in #news
    Selfmade Lomo Business Cards

    I needed business cards and as a Lomographer, I thought about using some of my shots. Thinking about what shot to take, i remembered an actionsampler - shot and thought that the format of that print would fit, too.

  • Cool Photographer Business Cards Made Out of 35mm Slide Film Mounts

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-06-26 in #news
    Cool Photographer Business Cards Made Out of 35mm Slide Film Mounts

    Got some of those slide film mounts lying around? It's time to gather them and put them to good use if you don't have a slide projector to use them with. A Minneapolis-based designer came up with a cool idea to turn 35mm slide film mounts into business cards. Maybe it's something that can inspire you to do something as creative, so go ahead and read on to find out more!