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  • Workshop: Long Nights and Long Exposures!

    written by lomographychicago on 2013-10-18 in #events
    Workshop: Long Nights and Long Exposures!

    It's dark and scary this season! With the sun setting earlier and earlier, we figured it was time to shed a little light on this spooky night. Come join us as we paint with lights at our beautiful gallery store!

  • Watering Holes: Tamkoučiri in Celje, Slovenia

    written by lomofrue on 2013-10-18 in #world #locations
    Watering Holes: Tamkoučiri in Celje, Slovenia

    I was just thinking how this summer I've spotted many more tourists in my home town than previous years and since there may be some lomographers among them it would probably be a good idea to point out a couple of tourist attractions in my town. Good bars and pubs should of course be first on this list.

  • Uncovering the Enigmatic Chinatown of Los Angeles

    written by noe_arteaga on 2013-02-22 in #world #locations
    Uncovering the Enigmatic Chinatown of Los Angeles

    "Forget It, Jake. It's Chinatown." This infamous line from Roman Polanski's neo-noir masterpiece is just one of the contributing factors to the mystique of this particular neighborhood of Los Angeles. Want to know what it's really like today? Let me give you a tour!

  • Hong Kong: When the Sun Goes Down

    written by jasonskung on 2013-01-22 in #world #locations
    Hong Kong: When the Sun Goes Down

    The locals in Hong Kong work hard and party hard. Watch how the local financial district transforms into Hong Kong's ultimate nightlife hotspot.

  • Taco de Lomography: Jasmine Safaeian

    written by geegraphy on 2012-11-01 in #news
    Taco de Lomography: Jasmine Safaeian

    Another instalment of the Lomography and L.A. TACO collaboration, Taco de Lomography, is out! This time, it’s by photographer Jasmine Safaeian. Check out some of her fun and energetic shots after the jump!

  • UK CitySlicker Marianne: The Best Bars and Pubs in Nottingham

    written by savethemarianne on 2012-02-08 in #lifestyle
    UK CitySlicker Marianne: The Best Bars and Pubs in Nottingham

    Need somewhere to imbibe yourself silly? Read this article to find out the top three must-drinks in Nottingham!

  • UK CitySlicker Sian: Oh Hey, Exeter!

    written by ivygold on 2011-12-19 in #lifestyle
    UK CitySlicker Sian: Oh Hey, Exeter!

    Lomography UK picked a few students to become ambassadors for their city to show you what they're all about. Meet Sian from Exeter and get a taste of the little city with a lot going on.

  • The Junk Bar a.k.a Backstage in Kuching, Sarawak!

    written by cutebun on 2011-12-03 in #world #locations
    The Junk Bar a.k.a Backstage in Kuching, Sarawak!

    This is where my friends and I go to get wild during weekends or just chill out during weekdays. 'Backstage' is behind the restaurant named 'The Junk Restaurant'. Wondering why it's also referred to as the 'Junk'? Read on to find out why.

  • Analogue Nightlife: Metal Stargazer in Zouk

    written by stonerfairy on 2011-09-02 in #lifestyle
    Analogue Nightlife: Metal Stargazer in Zouk

    It was a Friday night, and we were head-banging in Zouk Club!

  • Analogue Nightlife: Sanctuary Rock Bar

    written by explorette on 2011-08-24 in #lifestyle
    Analogue Nightlife: Sanctuary Rock Bar

    Like to rock? Like to drink? Like to dance? Well, get down to Sanctuary Rock Bar!

  • SIXTY9INE Mansion By the Beach

    written by lihooi on 2011-08-19 in #world #locations
    SIXTY9INE Mansion By the Beach

    Sixty9ine Mansion is one of Penang's latest and sexiest beachfront. It is a venue where you can eat, play, and party and it's located just along the Batu Feringghi's popular 3km beach stretch. They have an awesome concept here, read on to find out what!:)

  • Enjoying Nightlife, the Lomography Way!

    written by tqueiroz on 2011-08-18 in #lifestyle
    Enjoying Nightlife, the Lomography Way!

    It's been around 6 months since my wife and I found out about Lomography and just as you should expect, it was love at first sight. We've decided to live the analogue life for real and leave our digital camera at home everytime we go out. For each party, night club and event, we pack a lomographic camera and so, every single photo becomes very special! Read on and find out why.

  • Live Music in Canada

    written by stevebarberoffice on 2011-08-15 in #lifestyle
    Live Music in Canada

    As a traveling musician, I am witness to many great shows in bars and clubs across the country. All of these shots are taken with a Diana Mini with the Diana Flash and Ilford HP5 Black and White Film.

  • Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires

    written by pomps on 2011-04-27 in #world #locations
    Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires

    Puerto Madero, the youngest neighborhood in Buenos Aires with streets named after women.

  • Edinburgh, My Home for Now

    written by baijiu89 on 2011-04-09 in #world #locations
    Edinburgh, My Home for Now

    Edinburgh is the place I call home for the time being. It is a lovely student and travel location. It is a place that I have a love-and-hate relationship with as I associate it with both studying and entertainment.

  • Jasper, Canada

    written by march-william on 2011-02-03 in #world #locations
    Jasper, Canada

    Visit Jasper, Canada for some great times up north in the mountains. Hiking around will get you lost in the culture and who knows, it might even change your life. Trying out an activity such as this is a welcome change especially if you have a fast-paced lifestyle.

  • Nightlife in Raiatea???

    written by vicuna on 2010-02-23 in #world #locations
    Nightlife in Raiatea???

    As for the LC-A race location at least one is needed to be about "Night and Music Delirium (bar, view, park)" I thought myself, wow, this one will be hard to find for my stage locations about Raiatea Island..... let's say it short: there is absolutely NO NIGHTLIFE on Raiatea.... :( But perhaps I could find a good place to shoot at night...?

  • Club U

    written by cruzron on 2009-11-01 in #world #locations
    Club U

    Put your party shoes on and prepare to dance the night away at Club U!

  • Prague

    written by -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- on 2009-07-19 in #world #locations

    Prague is a really great city once you get to know it. It is full of beautiful squares, beautiful architecture, and beautiful art.

  • Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

    written by eazy360 on 2008-12-11 in #world #locations
    Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

    One of the best ways to enjoy a romantic night at the 'City of Smiles' is to enjoy a sumptuous Thai dinner aboard a ferry that cruises up and down the Chao Phraya River, offering amazing views of brightly-lit establishments and landmarks. Called the "River of Kings", Bangkok's major river gracefully snakes through this vibrant capital, and at night, becomes a shimmering jewel, reflecting the thousands of city lights that burn along its banks.

  • Good Night, Bangkok

    written by eazy360 on 2008-12-11 in #world #locations
    Good Night, Bangkok

    At the height of Bangkok's anti-government protests that shut down the airports late November, I was given no choice but to spend the remainder of my second visit to this vibrant city gleefully basking in its wonderful fluorescent glow. Very eager to test the slow shutter speeds of my Horizon Perfekt (newly acquired by hard-earned piggy points), I wandered the 'City of Angels' camera-armed to discover a glimmering labyrinth as amazing at night as it is under the midday sun.

  • Ghent By Night

    written by ukaaa on 2008-11-26 in #world #locations
    Ghent By Night

    Since last school year I've been living in the beautiful student city called Ghent. Living here as a local has learned me to appreciate the beautiful authentic village that is bursting with life.

  • "Night of the Museums", Düsseldorf

    written by scorpie on 2008-11-21 in #world #locations
    "Night of the Museums", Düsseldorf

    One night every April almost all museums and lots of galleries and studios in Dusseldorf open their gates from 7 p.m. 'til 2 a.m. With just one ticket you have admission to every participating museum as well as a free shuttle service taking you from one place to the other all around the city.

  • Sheffield City Hall

    written by callumbum on 2008-10-15 in #world #locations
    Sheffield City Hall

    On a recent trip to Sheffield I went to see the mighty boosh live instead of going to the dingy but rather good clubs. The train is one of the most effective ways to get into Sheffield, many of the best pubs and clubs are within 10 minutes walking distance and the city hall is within 15. Sheffield's city hall has very romanesque architecture and looks out on a large square with 2 symmetrical fountains that go blue at night, mixing the old and the modern.

  • Club CCCP (Berlin)

    written by wil6ka on 2008-08-13 in #world #locations
    Club CCCP (Berlin)

    Berlin is one hot spot if it comes to Russian clubs. Squeezed between the best of the west and the crème de la crème de l’est it offers a strange Club-Crossover. As so, the Club CCCP in Berlin-Mitte is a Soviet Nightclub a go-go.

  • Karaoke-Box in Roppongi

    written by wil6ka on 2008-08-12 in #world #locations
    Karaoke-Box in Roppongi

    In my point of view Karaoke is such an important part of Japanese Popculture as Manga and Anime. Because the ambitious salary men of the island are working 24/7 they surely try to enjoy their free time at the max. Invented in the 70's the idea of making yourself a clown by singing your favourite songs in front of a large crowd. In Japan it is quite common to book entire karaoke boxes for some hours. Fixed by this idea we made this entertainment our program for new years eve. First we looked around Shinjuku, but nope. We found our spot in Roppongi, which is the new nightlife quarter of Tokyo. There are entire Karaoke-Buildings, that have boxes on several floors, which are decorated in movie- and music-themes. The rent of the box is paid per the amount of people singing. So this is reasonable, but cheap it isn’t. You also have to buy drinks, maybe you right away take the flatrate. In the box we needed 10 minutes to figure out the system to choose songs and we were anxious to get the action on like in “lost in translation”. Finally we figured out that there is a display which takes the orders and sends them to the prompter via Bluetooth. There is also a telephone-book-size instruction from which you can also choose songs.

  • Ortigas at Night (Pasig City)

    written by halfawakehaiku on 2008-08-07 in #world #locations
    Ortigas at Night (Pasig City)

    Like other Business Districts, Ortigas center takes on a whole different form when the sun sets. Home to some of the country's biggest corporations and shopping malls, there's always something to do in this busy little side of the Metro. After shopping your little feet off during the day, a ton of options await the evening Lomographer. You can choose one of the various bars that line up Metrowalk or push a little further to reach the C5 area.

  • Buenos Aires

    written by mblair23 on 2008-08-07 in #world #locations
    Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a truly intoxicating place. With streetscapes and a culture of both Latin American and European influences, the different neighborhoods of BA provide the perfect excuse for aimless wandering and shooting. The Recoleta Cemetery houses some of Argentina's most (in)famous characters, and an incredible array of monuments and alleyways. Maps are available, but it's quite an experience to let yourself get lost among the statues and stray cats.

  • China Town - Bangkok

    written by evev on 2008-07-28 in #world #locations
    China Town - Bangkok

    Chinatown is a colorful, exotic and active area all day long. Chinatown is known as Yaowarat in Thai language. This is a large community of Chinese people settle in Thailand. They still continue their own traditions and religious practices. Chinatown starts from the symbolic China Gate and follows mainly Yaowarat Road. Along the road there are lots of gold shops, which open at Chiana Town for a long time.

  • Berlin Bowl

    written by kylethefrench on 2008-07-25 in #world #locations
    Berlin Bowl

    This is a super fun bowling alley on the Berlin turnpike, which was one of the original highways before we had real highways in America in the '50s. Anyways there are all manner of good popular bowling alleys down the street but this one is out of the way and no one really goes there.