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  • Self-portraiture Basics for Virginal Camwhores

    written by ricah_018 on 2011-03-04 in #gear #tipster
    Self-portraiture Basics for Virginal Camwhores

    I've never been keen on taking pics of myself with digital cameras. Maybe because I'm not as vain, or because I know the results would always be the same flat boring image. Besides, my friends are always around with their digicams to include me in the pictures. But with the different cameras, effects and even just the characteristic quality of film, I decided I want to get in, my face that is, with the fun.

  • While On My Morning Gander About Lomography...

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-12-20 in #lifestyle
    While On My Morning Gander About Lomography...

    I came across the following photos, which I admired too much to not share them with you. The following photo selection includes shots taken with the LC-A, Horizon Perfekt, and LC-Wide. There aren't any traditional portraits because I like shadows, silhouettes, profiles, multiple exposures, movement. Enjoy the colors too, as you scroll down after the jump!

  • Art Exhibition: Josiah McElheny

    written by webo29 on 2012-02-06 in #news
    Art Exhibition: Josiah McElheny

    Until July 2012, you can visit the Whitechapel Gallery in London to witness how artist Josiah McElheny made use of light and mirrors to transform the space.