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  • Rubbish Photos

    written by chlorophyll on 2011-11-18 in #gear #tipster
    Rubbish Photos

    I took inspiration from photographer Steven Gill, to create my own rubbish covered photos.

  • To Russia with Love: Udelnaya Flea Market, St Petersburg

    written by neja on 2012-10-25 in #world #locations
    To Russia with Love: Udelnaya Flea Market, St Petersburg

    It is a place for real hunters! While I was living in St Petersburg, I have only been to Udelnaya Flea Market once. So, when I visited the city again with two of my friends who have never been to Russia before, they requested to visit a local flea market.

  • Palermo, Sicily

    written by neja on 2012-10-11 in #world #locations
    Palermo, Sicily

    Rough on the outside, warm on the inside. Our visit to Sicily started in Palermo, where we landed. We felt it would be too much of a hassle to drive to Taormina immediately so we decided to stay overnight and learn more about Palermo.

  • The Docks (Galway)

    written by petunia on 2008-10-15 in #world #locations
    The Docks (Galway)

    The Spanish Parade (more commonly and mistakenly referred to as simply "the Arch") is a haven for tourists, wastrels and those looking for a convenient and picturesque place to get drunk in the warm(ish) Galway Summer months. Go through the Spanish Arch (built in 1584 to keep out the mad Spanish Armada) and walk down the Long Walk past quaintly multicoloured houses facing the swan hangout of the Claddagh Basin across the bay.