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  • Midweek Movies: 5 Alternative Date Movies

    written by geegraphy on 2013-02-13 in #lifestyle
    Midweek Movies: 5 Alternative Date Movies

    Let's face it, not everyone has the knack for cheesy lines and the mainstream-type of romance -- in fact, some of us might be even allergic to all the sugar. Which is why this installment of Midweek Movies brings you five films that you can watch on your Valentine's date night, guilt-free and without pressure!

  • Movie Recommendation: Juno

    written by kingdjin on 2012-02-29 in #lifestyle
    Movie Recommendation: Juno

    The 2007 comedy-drama film Juno won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and the Marco Aurelio International Rome Film Festival as Best Movie. In essence, you have to see it!