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  • Indisposable Concept: The World Through Disposable Cameras

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-04-04 in #lifestyle
    Indisposable Concept: The World Through Disposable Cameras

    There was a time when people turned to disposable cameras when they want to take pictures with something simple and fuss free. These days, however, creative minds and photography enthusiasts now enlist the aid of disposable cameras to document their lives in a different way. You must have read about one such project, the Indisposable Concept, from a couple of weeks ago here in the Magazine, but we wanted to have a closer look at the beginnings, aspirations, and inspirations behind this photography project. We know you want to know more too, so come and read on!

  • The Indisposable Concept Journey So Far

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-12-17 in #news
    The Indisposable Concept Journey So Far

    Early this year, we came across the Indisposable Concept, an international photography project which asks participants to document a week of their daily memories with a disposable camera. The project has since grown in a year, with hundreds of participants, thousands of film snaps, and countless memories from analogue lovers across the globe. Find out more about the Indisposable Concept journey so far after the jump!

  • Indisposable Concept to Open Exhibit on May 23

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-05-17 in #news
    Indisposable Concept to Open Exhibit on May 23

    The Indisposable Concept is all set to showcase some of the best photos from the project in an exhibit next week. If you're going to be in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia around that time and would like to drop by, take note of the details of the exhibit provided after the jump!

  • My First Indisposable Project

    written by stitch on 2014-07-24 in #lifestyle
    My First Indisposable Project

    The idea behind this project was to shoot 24 moments in one week's time using a disposable camera. Incidentally, a friend from Seattle sent me two disposable cameras so I was finally able to participate. Disposable cameras aren't sold in Manila anymore. I timed my shoot during the week wherein I had to go out several times, also hoping for good weather.