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  • Diana Cameras Saved from Burning House

    written by blablabla-anab on 2012-05-25 in #news
    Diana Cameras Saved from Burning House

    Last weekend, I was waiting for my ice cream, reading a free Portuguese magazine called DIF when I spotted, not one, but two Diana cameras on its pages. And it turned out they had been rescued from an house on fire, or at least they would have, if there had actually been a fire. Learn about the Burning House Project and the astounding amount of cameras that it rescues.

  • Mini Macro, Mini Lomo

    written by vicuna on 2009-11-17 in #gear #tipster
    Mini Macro, Mini Lomo

    As I was thinking about how to use the macro lens on my Diana Mini and about what to shoot with it, I saw the Lomo Cameras keychains I just received, and thought it could be interesting to shoot these mini cameras in Diana Mini macro mode!