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  • Auschwitz Concentration Camp I

    written by lihooi on 2011-11-12 in #world #locations
    Auschwitz Concentration Camp I

    Auschwitz, located in Oswiecim outside of Krakow, Poland has become a symbol of the Holocaust. The preserved memorial consists of two parts of the former concentration camp: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. A guided tour makes it possible to understand this place and requires about three-and-a-half hours. This article shows pictures of Auschwitz I.

  • Auschwitz Concentration Camp II - Birkenau

    written by lihooi on 2011-09-17 in #world #locations
    Auschwitz Concentration Camp II - Birkenau

    As mentioned in the previous article about Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II - Birkenau is also a former concentration camp near Krakow, Poland. The construction of Birkenau was to accommodate the huge number of prisoners in Auschwitz I. The capacity of Birkenau was far larger than that of Auschwitz I.

  • Autumn Leaves Around Krakow

    written by easilydistracted on 2011-09-22 in #lifestyle
    Autumn Leaves Around Krakow

    Everytime I write about Krakow, it always starts with "my favourite thing about Krakow..." But really, the whole city is my favorite, especially the Planty. We were incredibly lucky to visit Krakow in the Autumn; I took a lot of photos of the trees and leaves!

  • Around Kraków with My Holga 135bc

    written by easilydistracted on 2011-07-14 in #world #locations
    Around Kraków with My Holga 135bc

    Kraków is hands down one of my top favourite places that we've visited, the atmosphere was amazing, the food was delicious, the beer was great (and cheap) and it was the perfect place to take my little Holga for a few photos.

  • ULICAJÓZEFA: The 10th Kraków Photomonth Festival

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-04-20 in #news
    ULICAJÓZEFA: The 10th Kraków Photomonth Festival

    4 photographers, 44 places, 144 moments. Poland's Photomonth Festival aims to democratize art and photography, thanks to the efforts of Babel Images Foundation photographers. Find out more about the analogue event below!