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  • Just For Hue: White Hot Wishlist

    written by denisesanjose on 2013-06-24 in #news
    Just For Hue: White Hot Wishlist

    We're in the heat of summer, at the halfway mark of the year, and ever inching towards the holidays. Why don't you get a headstart on making your analogue wishlist and get sizzling specials on wintry white Diana F+ and Diana Mini cameras, accessories amd films? Only at the Lomography Online Shop!

  • Seasons in the Sand Rumble

    written by nyebe on 2012-03-30 in #competitions
    Seasons in the Sand Rumble

    To celebrate yet another hot addition to our Diana family, the Diana F+ Sahara, we are inviting you to join in our sandylicious rumble. Wow, I can't believe I said sandylicious. More information after the jump...

  • Hot Hot Heat: Desert Photography Tips

    written by jeanmendoza on 2012-03-29 in #gear #tipster
    Hot Hot Heat: Desert Photography Tips

    The beauty of a desert offers a great opportunity for you to take some beautiful photos. Utilizing the natural light and knowing how to compose your shots will greatly help you to come up with photos that you can boast to your friends.

  • Introducing the Diana F+ Sahara

    written by shhquiet on 2012-03-28 in #news
    Introducing the Diana F+ Sahara

    The ever-expanding Diana F+ family welcomes the brand new Diana F+ Sahara - a beautiful sandy analogue jewel!

  • 'Hotter Than Sahara' Weather This Summer

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-03-28 in #news
    'Hotter Than Sahara' Weather This Summer

    Summer came unusually early as the UK hit a record-breaking 70°F and experts predict that it will be "hotter than the Sahara" in the coming days. Meanwhile, Brits looking to soak up some sun have started flocking to Bournemouth Beach. Why not make the Diana F+ Sahara your travel camera this summer?

  • The Sizzling Sahara on Film

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2012-03-29 in #lifestyle
    The Sizzling Sahara on Film

    No, this isn't about the recently defunct hotel-casino in Las Vegas Strip. Rather, it's about the great desert that spans most of Northern Africa, and the subject of many works of art and literature. Learn more about one of Lomography's latest inspirations after the jump!

  • Searching for Sahara Locations

    written by ungrumpy on 2012-03-31 in #world #locations
    Searching for Sahara Locations

    Known as the world's largest hot desert, the Sahara covers most of North Africa and is almost as large as China! In spite of its size, this vast desert is still yet to be explored by more lomographers although those who were lucky enough to pay it a visit have shared their photos and experiences here in Locations. Got anything to do this summer yet? Check out these Sahara features after the jump!