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  • Vyatka: The Russian Vespa

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-09-16 in #lifestyle
    Vyatka: The Russian Vespa

    While the three Russian scooters Lomography has put up for grabs for some winning Conception Day couples sport more modern looks and features, it definitely is worth learning about their early counterparts, don't you think? Read about the vintage Vyatka, the Vespa's Russian "twin" after the jump!

  • Beaulieu National Motor Museum

    written by spendospend on 2009-02-20 in #world #locations
    Beaulieu National Motor Museum

    Beaulieu National Motor Museum ... The world renowned National Motor Museum that has over 250 vehicles from every motoring era. Exhibits include some of the earliest examples of motoring to legendary World Record Breakers like Bluebird, ‘TV Star’ cars like Del Boy’s Reliant Regal and rare oddities like the giant orange on wheels :) .

  • Dakar Rally 2012

    written by novakmisi on 2011-12-31 in #world #locations
    Dakar Rally 2012

    My town, Subotica in Serbia, Europe has a Dakar 2012 bike competitor named Gabor Saghmeister. Just a cold, big man. One of the best riders of Serbia, Subotica, Gabor Saghmeister is ready for a new Dakar Rally to be held from 1 to 15 January 2012. He is now with his team, which held a promotion in Freedom Square, where the citizens of Subotica could see the engine, which will be used this year as well as the engines that were used in the previous Dakar Rallies.

  • Westmorland Motor Club

    written by grimbyname on 2008-04-27 in #world #locations
    Westmorland Motor Club

    Westmorland Motor Club was founded in 1910, and organizes motor-sport events around south Cumbria, including the Barbon Hillclimb for cars. It's a great day out for petrol-heads. The track on the Barbon Manor Estate near Kirkby Lonsdale is 0.162 km long with an average gradient of 1 in 12. It features two bends, and a hairpin just short of the finish line.

  • Picture This: Freedom on Two Wheels

    written by deprofundis on 2013-08-09 in #lifestyle
    Picture This: Freedom on Two Wheels

    Freedom is riding the island roads on my old machine, feeling the wind on my face and seeing white lines passing next to the front wheel.

  • Get Your Motors Running With the Sardina!

    written by lomography on 2011-06-17 in #lifestyle
    Get Your Motors Running With the Sardina!

    Testing new Lomography Cameras is always fun, but taking them to a racetrack is even better. We gave some of our testers the new Sardina and they gathered and took it to what looks like a really great race! Check out their pictures after the jump!