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  • Ferrania Solaris Chrome 100 - A Toxic Link to the Future

    written by wil6ka on 2013-08-31 in #reviews
    Ferrania Solaris Chrome 100 - A Toxic Link to the Future

    There always has to be a reason or motivation to write a film review. Sometimes it’s the sheer excitement about a great series of pictures or a rare find. In the case of the Ferrania Solaris Chrome, it is an epic turnover in the current photo film industry. With their recent statement to be releasing a new slide film, Ferrania made most of analogue film aficionados rub their eyes in happiness. So it's time to go back to the future with the Ferrania Solaris Chrome 100.

  • Siberan Adventures in LomoScope

    written by wil6ka on 2011-05-31 in #lifestyle
    Siberan Adventures in LomoScope

    It was Siberia. A call to a distant and mystic land. And I picked up the landline telephone. Last summer I was asked to join a group of young adventurers to go from middle europe by all means of transportation. Aiming a a tiny village called Man Yckwe. To be enchanted by indigenous Siberians and to fall in love with a remote paradise!

  • Lake Khövsgöl

    written by bensozia on 2010-05-16 in #world #locations
    Lake Khövsgöl

    Mongolia’s largest, fresh water lake. Lake Khövsgöl is 136km long, 262m deep and holds 0.4% of the world’s fresh water. I got there on horseback with Bagi and Ankhar from the nearby town of Xatgal.

  • Olkhon (Ольхон), The Breathtaking Island in Lake Baikal

    written by mr_sid on 2010-05-02 in #world #locations
    Olkhon (Ольхон), The Breathtaking Island in Lake Baikal

    Are you looking for something special? Go for Olkhon (Ольхон), the largest island in Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia/Russia.