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  • Analog Sounds with Simeon Smith

    written by hannah_brown on 2015-03-31 in #people #lifestyle #videos
    Analog Sounds with Simeon Smith

    Simeon Smith is a musician who recorded the sounds of our film cameras in action and made these samples available as a free download. We couldn't resist interviewing him about this project and taking a look at some of his photos. Meet the man behind the cams here.

  • Last But Not the Least: Princess Diana's Last Photo

    written by cruzron on 2011-08-24 in #lifestyle
    Last But Not the Least: Princess Diana's Last Photo

    Lady Diana's death was relived just a few years ago as the much-awaited inquest into her unfortunate accident went underway. Here's her Last Photo taken, mere seconds before her crash.

  • Europe With Your Disposable

    written by kdm315 on 2011-03-06 in #world #locations
    Europe With Your Disposable

    Green and black are the colors of Wales and England. Strap on your backpack, jump on the train, and grab your single-use camera. At least that's what I did. Wales and England are filled with vivid greens and deep blacks, all waiting to be captured on film.

  • Dinorwic Quarry

    written by mrs-paul on 2010-04-24 in #world #locations
    Dinorwic Quarry

    Dinorwic Quarry is an old Welsh Slate Quarry in Snowdonia that closed at the end of the 1960's. When it was up and running it was one of the largest quarries in the world.

  • Sunset in Wales

    written by easilydistracted on 2012-10-08 in #world #locations
    Sunset in Wales

    Rhosneigr Village is situated on the beautiful west coast of Anglesey, North Wales, and it has a lovely little beach, perfect for watching the sunset.

  • Cardigan, Wales

    written by tommynorth on 2008-09-11 in #world #locations
    Cardigan, Wales

    Wales, or West wales to be exact is a rugged, tough, windswept place where the people are made of steel and granite and courage. Every year i go there to visit my friends a few times. To this day i have not been there and not been rained on. But that's the magic of Wales.

  • 'Chalkie Davies: The NME Years' Opens at The National Museum Cardiff

    written by Julien Matabuena on 2015-05-11 in #world #news
    'Chalkie Davies: The NME Years' Opens at The National Museum Cardiff

    The show, which runs until September this year, highlights portraits made by the Welsh-born acclaimed punk and rock photographer when he worked for the popular British music magazine in the '70s.

  • Race for Life

    written by awhisker on 2008-04-27 in #world #locations
    Race for Life

    This was the race for life event which took place in Cardiff in June 2006. Race for Life takes place across the country and the idea is that you run to raise money for cancer research ("http://www.raceforlife.org/":http://www.raceforlife.org/). Race for Life has grown to become the biggest woman only fundraising event and is open to women of all ages and all levels of fitness.

  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (Wales)

    written by lazyrabbit on 2008-07-28 in #world #locations
    Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (Wales)

    All along the Welsh coast there are massive sandy beaches with amazing land features like gigantic rocky out crops and big old rock pools. I went there for a few days and never put my cameras down! Every time i walked anywhere i would find interesting images......