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  • Diana World Tour Rumble: Diana F+ Vignettes From Milan

    written by alessiab on 2011-03-28 in #competitions
    Diana World Tour Rumble: Diana F+ Vignettes From Milan

    The Diana World Tour comes to Italy for a stop at the Lomography Gallery Store in Milan! [imagine: we are pointing the index finger toward you and we have the serious look.] Send us your best vignetted photos shot with your Diana F+, the most striking ones will be shown in Milan's store during the DWT show days (12 to 30 of April!)

  • Photography as Emotion: andredimu

    written by alessiab on 2012-12-28 in #people #lomoamigos
    Photography as Emotion: andredimu

    *Once upon a time... and so... one day... how did you discover photography?* My first camera was the Olympus Trip Junior as a gift when I was about 10-12 years old, today I'm still jealously of it as well as the photos shooted with. I spent whole afternoons watching old photos taken by my parents when they were young until my childhood... color or b/w photos in many different size! Photos that tell their story and even mine. I think passion for photography started then when I tryed to understand why a photo was taken. What did they want to fix in time? A memory, an emotion, a landscape, an anniversary or what? Why did they chose that pose, place or time? Then I understood. Simply because those moments, faces and places seemed fine for them. For me photography means just this: look around and discover the beauty.