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  • StuKaFest Photo Rumble

    written by mrmaart on 2011-02-16 in #competitions
    StuKaFest Photo Rumble

    Dirty socks flying around, beer bottles invading your fridge, massive piles of dishes waiting to get done and playboy bunnies in the toilet - what does your student place look like?

  • StuKaFest Photo Rumble Winner Announcement

    written by mrmaart on 2011-02-23 in #news
    StuKaFest Photo Rumble Winner Announcement

    In a super short time frame you guys submitted a rockin' amount of 860 shots in 4 days - hooray! Great student-ish pictures with crazy dishes, lots of alcohol, tiny student rooms fully stuffed and of course many party pics. Some people say "student life is the best part of your life" - true that!

  • Oh My Socks! I Have to Save Those!

    written by yayoboy on 2013-02-14 in #gear #tipster
    Oh My Socks! I Have to Save Those!

    Sometimes, socks needs new life!

  • Why Don´t We Recycle Christmas!

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-12-24 in #gear #tipster
    Why Don´t We Recycle Christmas!

    What makes Christmas day a special one is not only the gifts we received or that pudding mum made you, but also the analogue love you can only get from Lomography! And it's about time to give back the holiday love to your film cameras, they have feelings too, you know! Get to know how it's done with this Tipster I have here!

  • Grasp The Autumn Breeze - Garments

    written by heiwa on 2012-10-11 in #lifestyle

    It is already October and have you noticed that you are no longer wearing sleeveless clothes? You will gradually put on cardigans, scarfs and wear socks. Yes! They are some of the must-have items for Autumn, as Lomographers have shown us while galavanting around!