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  • Zenit EM

    written by dogma on 2008-11-16 in #reviews
    Zenit EM

    Zenit - Solid as brick, precision as AK-47. Every lomographer should have on of those classic machines. I own Zenit EM. My brother was using it when he was a kid and now, after 20 years of waiting, my time has come. I could say that was love at first sight.

  • Zenit EM with Industar 50-2: A Small Lens for an Urban Adventure!

    written by sirio174 on 2012-04-23 in #reviews
    Zenit EM with Industar 50-2: A Small Lens for an Urban Adventure!

    The tiny Industar 50-2 is probably the smallest lens for a reflex camera. It's well-suited for my old Zenit EM, a camera built as a tank! Enjoy this strange Zenit adventure in search of urban geometries!

  • Water Tower in Marijampolė

    written by dogma on 2009-06-15 in #world #locations
    Water Tower in Marijampolė

    I remember this water tower since i was a little kid. This hard and tight build, 100m red bricks beast is located 500m from my house (in the west corner of my city Marijampolė).

  • Kodak Ektachrome ED (35mm, 200 iso)

    written by dogma on 2009-01-13 in #reviews
    Kodak Ektachrome ED (35mm, 200 iso)

    Kodak Ektachrome – mmmm two tasty words. When I saw them the first time, thoughts rushed to my head about really high colour saturation, vivid tones and incredible nice results after cross processing. My first Kodak slide was: Kodak Ektachrome ELITE (35mm, 200 iso)...