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  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

    written by JnetnJoey on 2009-10-28 in #world #locations
    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    One of the most unique buildings in the world, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles features undulating stainless steel walls.

  • The Staples Center Home of the Lakers and MJ

    written by wil6ka on 2010-01-13 in #world #locations
    The Staples Center Home of the Lakers and MJ

    In the US of A most buildings don’t have a long history, considering there are churches in old Europe telling a story stretching over a thousand years. Basically everything in the states has the charm of something new and fresh. And they made a great twist out of it, because everything is convenient and tries to hit the need of the one that uses it. Take stadiums or convention halls.

  • Gawthorpe Hall

    written by explorette on 2011-11-25 in #world #locations
    Gawthorpe Hall

    Here is a place that is not far from where I live. A beautiful house with fantastic surroundings

  • New York's Famous Roseland Ballroom

    written by xbalboax on 2011-08-31 in #world #locations
    New York's Famous Roseland Ballroom

    The Roseland Ballroom is a multipurpose hall located in the city's theatre district on 52nd Street I have seen a concert at the Roseland at least once a year for a good ten years. I would say it's one of my favorite venues to see a concert in New York City.

  • Let's go skating at Nathan Philips Square!

    written by ashleyaang on 2011-02-16 in #world #locations
    Let's go skating at Nathan Philips Square!

    Best known for its skating rink, Nathan Philips Square is the place for civic activities, special events, or just a place to hang out. Right in front of City Hall, there’s no other place to be than here when you want to feel what it’s like to be in Toronto.