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The Colors section is our visual search for Lomographs! We are currently saving color data for all photos on Lomography.com and can add complete information for about 150,000 photos per day. For each photo, we store the Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and how much percentage of the photo that color occupies. You can browse photos by hex value (for a complete range of color tones) or hue (for very saturated results) or, or see our pre-selected galleries of dark, light, and black and white photos. If you feel like just scrolling check out our photo rainbow! Below you can see the frequency of all colors for all the Lomographs that we have color information for.

Brightness Statistics

Color Statistics

What are Hex Values?

Hex values are 6-digit hexidecimal numbers that are primarily used in web design. A hexidecimal number has a range of 0-9 followed by A-F, and hex values are divided into RGB as RR/GG/BB (so FF0000 is 100% red, and 00FF00 is 100% green). On the hex color page we've prepared the top 1000 most popular Lomograph colors, arranged by popularity.

What is Hue?

A photo's hue is it's pure color (100% brightness and saturation) represented as a value between 0° and 360°. For hue we search for these bright strong colors which results in a lot of cross-processed and vibrant colours. On the hue color page we've prepared a range of super saturated, bright photos to explore by their hue value.

Sample Hex Values
The Hue Range

Photo Color Example – a photo by ccwu

Here's a great Horizon photo by ccwu with the main colors shown underneath. The size of each color bar shows the prominence of that color in the photo. On the photo detail page for any photo that has color information you'll see the main colors of the photo and can explore the similar colored photos from there!