in the theatre

in summer, we love to go to the open-air theatre


  1. autumndelaney
    autumndelaney ·

    This happened to me as well. I have a La Sardina (No flash) and I used Lomography 100 ISO film. Didn't turn out at all...

    I just recently used 400iso (CVS brand film). I haven't developed it yet so I'm not sure of the outcome.

    Any advice you can give on the La Sardina?

  2. inrod
    inrod ·

    @autumndelaney: Using an ISO 400 film is already a good choice. The instructions to the camera suggest to use B mode in case of low light or indoors. However, this means that the shutter is open as long as you press the trigger. This can result in pretty long exposure times with the effect of blurred pictures, worst case. I need to try this.... I hope this helps a bit.

  3. autumndelaney
    autumndelaney ·

    Awesome! Thank you!