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    Photo birthday stored in a 3 year old. "Forgiven"

    > Long story
    The camera I got from my grandfather. "YASHICA Camera 635"
    so old camera makes me, became interested in film cameras

    My birthday reply to 22thn. I was given a surprise by my girlfriend Natalia Grace.
    That day I was given instax camera that he could with difficulty.
    I tingal in Indonesia. In Indonesia people still rarely buy stuff on ebay.
    Grace bought instax camera on ebay the first time, because in Indonesia there is no such instax camera.

    Many friends want to buy instax camera.
    Since we try to make it sell. We start trying to sell out of the mouth of the mouth. Until now we've got a pretty small shop for us to enjoy. Instaxshop our store name.

    3 years passed. when i was looking object. I found a roll 120mm and I try to wash, and when I saw the photos I was surprised to see the photos that have been forgotten.
    That picture reminds me. Beginning I and Grace together sell ^ ____ ^ and we are getting married 18 november 2012.

    thanks Grace. I always love you.

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    tingal = stay

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    gila sedih :"( huhu asli

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    iya euy sedih gini.. :") Instax gua punya 2004 dapet dari bokap. sedih gini.. lagi mellow gua euy ping haha asli

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    Wuaduuuhhhh so sweet of you Anthony Jr hehehehehehehehee Carry on brother... there's a long way to ride for both of u... Cheers...... And welcome to the club (^-^) d