Dayak Bumi Segandu, Indramayu

Originally these shots it for my feature on magazine, but i drop it.

They claimed them self as a tribe, but after in depth interview they are not. Probably its more suit to said as a belief, since they are do not have a strong root as so called tribe.

They believe patience its matter. They looked the whole unbalance in the world its because peoples forget about patience. They up hold women and children on their belief. For them a main task as a man is to up hold their wive and serve their childrens.

they have rituals as they practice patience, in day light you need sunburn you body, and for nights you need to stay in the cold water.

To full fill their daily needs they do farming, they also sell their labor when harvest time come.

They live in the middle of permanent and semi permanent village.

As for their members its they need to learn not to eat meat.