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new cat adventures :D

This time on ILFORD FP4+ ISO 125

angelhaken Filmed by angelhaken. These tags describe this LomoKino movie: ilford fp4+, cat, enzo, lomokino, and iso 125.


  1. devildi


    GREAT !!!! ;-)

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  2. neurodiaz


    Hahaha, great!

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  3. satomi


    <3 <3 <3

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  4. giuli


    this is waaay too adorable :)

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  5. ginny



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  6. zxsylph


    Cool Cat !!
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  7. natalieerachel


    I love how you can see the tail swishing back and forth towards the end :)

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  8. susielomovitz


    LOVE IT!

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  16. mightymouse


    spam.spam.spam.and more spam

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  17. angelhaken


    @mightymouse i hate it :( .. i alredy pushed the "report as spam" button x-times but it doesn't help .. i would delete it if i could..

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  18. mightymouse


    @angelhaken Yeah me too. I always do it hoping lomography will reward me some day

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  19. angelhaken


    lol i would be glad if the could remove the spam *g .. that would be ym reward :P @mightymouse

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  20. martamoya


    aaaawwww :3 how cute!

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  21. krauthead


    I totally love your cat and your video. Hey, do you know Sheba, the cat food? In their advertise in austrian television there's a cat which looks exactly like yours!!! so cute!
    almost 3 years ago · report as spam
  22. angelhaken


    @krauthead thanks :) .. yes its the same cat breed as the one in the tv ad British Shorthair

    almost 3 years ago · report as spam
  23. angelhaken


    @devildi @neurodiaz @satomi @giuli @ginny @zxsylph @natalieerachel @susielomovitz @martamoya
    thx for the nice comments :). my cat would appreciate it if he could read :) - but i told him that he has become quite a star now ( the video has over 1800 views now ) and he seemed quite happy :P

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  24. alberto-gaspari

    Great =)
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  25. rake



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  26. angelhaken


    @rake thx for the euphoric comment :P, glad that u liked it

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  27. pawlikdoc



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  28. hxloon



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  29. micika


    hahaha! super nice and especially funny movie! congratz!

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  30. priscilla_bisognin


    so cute!

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