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Below you’ll find a list of Photo Labs in the USA recommended by the Lomography community. Don’t forget that wherever you live in the USA you can send your 110, 120 or 35mm film to the experts at the LomoLab by mail order, or drop it into any Lomography Gallery Store. Please also keep in mind that you can develop your 110 film and 35mm film in regular formats at Walmart and your local pharmacy. For full details and answers to all your film developing questions, please refer to our FAQ section or get in touch with us!

All PhotoLabs on a Map

PhotoLabs in United States

  • Old School Photo Lab

    263 Central Ave, Dover, United States
    OldSchoolPhotoLab is a full service mail order photo lab located in Dover, NH.
  • Phoenix Imaging Chicago

    2219 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL, Chicago, United States
    A great, quick, and affordable way to process your film.
  • Photographic Solutions

    250 Westport, Ct., Norwalk,Ct, United States
    Full Service Photographic Lab for Fairfield County, Ct.
  • Photographic Solutions, LLC

    250 Westport Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851, United States
    Photographic Solutions: The Professional's Choice Since 2001
  • Photolaboratory

    2235 fifth street, Berkeley, United States
    Photographers use Photolab for best quality prints, scans, fine art prints, black & white darkroom prints, film processing, albums and photo books.
  • PhotoSource

    5106 Louetta Road, Spring, TX, United States
    Locally owned since 1983, we take pride in offering high quality photographic services to beginner and pro photographers alike.
  • Richard Photo Lab

    979 North La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90038, United States
    A photo lab in heart of West Hollywood!
  • Sunshine Color Lab

    138 W. 31st Street, Manhattan, United States
    A hole - in - the - wall business that is really only known well by students and other photographers, this photo lab is quite possibly one of the top three most relient photo labs in Manhattan. The employees recognize everyone, even if their customers have only walked in once before, are very respectable and are negotiable on prices, especially for students.
  • Techlab Photo & Digital Imaging

    518 East Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, MD, United States
    Specializing in your images since 1988.
  • Tempe Camera

    606 West University Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States
    This great place in Tempe Arizona is pretty cool!

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