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Below you’ll find a list of Photo Labs in the UK recommended by the Lomography community. Don’t forget that wherever you live in the UK you can send your 110, 120 or 35mm film to the experts at the LomoLab by mail order, or drop it into any Lomography Gallery Store. For full details and answers to all your film developing questions, please refer to our FAQ section or get in touch with us!

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PhotoLabs in United Kingdom

  • Ag Photolab

    Unit 6 Phoenix Business Park, Avenue Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Superb quality photo processing from all formats and processes - 110, 126, APS, 35mm, 120, large format etc. C41, E5, Traditional Black & White. Large format C-type printing. Silk paper surface also offered on all prints as no cost option (silk was popular in the 1970's) Online ordering available with freepost envelope to send films. X-process both ways - processing of E6 slide films in C41 for zany colours and contrast. Or process of C41 colour nag films in E6 for positive slides with crazy colours!
  • A&M Imaging

    Unit 3, Stewartfield, Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    A&M Imaging has been providing a friendly and professional service for over 25 years, covering a wide range of photographic services.
  • ASDA

    Beach Boulevard, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
    Yes, ASDAs
  • Bayeux

    78 Newman Street, London, W1T 3EP, United Kingdom
    A complete professional photographic lab in London’s West End, offering a full range of services including traditional film processing, printing, and framing.
  • Beryl Houghton

    10 bull yard, coventry, United Kingdom
    Provides 35mm and 120 film processing.
  • Centrepoint

    1 The Drive , Hove, United Kingdom
    A family run High Street business in the City of Brighton and Hove established in 1985. Originally a traditional photographic retailer now transformed into a fully-fledged digital camera centre. If you are still in the world of traditional film cameras, we have on-site processing and printing facilities.
  • City Photographic Ltd

    Bedford Place, Southampton, United Kingdom
    Southamptons leading independent photographic retailer.
  • Colourstream in Brighton

    , Brighton, United Kingdom
    Colourstream in Brighton are a fantastic lab, handling all kinds of weird and wonderful request. They specialize in lo-fi and film photography and are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. And no I don't work for them, they are just that good.
  • Digitalab

    , NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, United Kingdom
    Good lab for Lomo formats, inexpensive
  • Digital Lab

    8 Stepney Bank, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
    Fantastic results from reasonably-priced lab who seem pretty much up for any type of Lomostyle development.

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