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Below you’ll find a list of Photo Labs in Austria recommended by the Lomography community. Please also keep in mind that you can develop your 110 film and 35mm film in regular formats at branches of big chain stores. Most of the stores work with Color Drack (http://www.colordrack.at/fachhaendler). For full details and answers to all your film developing questions, please refer to our FAQ section or get in touch with us! Remember this rule, if a Photo lab says they can't develop a certain format, insist that they try! There is usually nothing stopping the lab from developing your beautiful roll of film.

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PhotoLabs in Austria

  • Foto Leutner

    Kaiserstrasse 58, 1070 Vienna, Austria
    Leutner's film development department looks after the professional processing of your BW, color negative or slide films. They process sheet- as well as roll film in all formats as well as professional films like Rollei R3, Agfa Scala, and Kodak Technical Pan. The are also processing rare film formats like Minox films, Instamatic films, and Type 110 and 126.
  • Color Drack

    Max-Bader-Platz 4, A-5620 Schwarzach im Pongau, Austria
    Color Drack is a huge photolab that processes for a lot of retailers. They process 110, 35 mm, and 120 films in color, B/W and also E6. Crossing is also possible.
  • Cyberlab

    Schottenfeldgasse 51, 1070, Vienna , Austria
    Cyber Lab One of the most modern labs in Austria. Developing, scanning and printing with high class equipment. Black and white film is developed in small tansk using Kodak T-Max chemistry in cooperation with Zebra lab.
  • Foto Brechja

    Anton Baumgartner Straße 44/SL1 , 1230 im Kaufpark Alt Erlaa , Vienna, Austria
    Foto Brechja - Fotolabor has 25 years of experience in providing film and photography services.
  • Foto Fayer

    Opernring 6,, 1010 , Vienna, Austria
    Foto Fayer Studio Labor Verkauf At Foto Fayer you can drop you 35mm and 120 films. They have decades of experience and a special developing machine for black and white films. A Kodak film will be developed in Kodak chemistry, an Ilford Film in Ilford chemistry and so on. It's a Kodak certified Q-Lab
  • Fotoleutner

    Kaiserstrasse 58, 1070 Vienna, Austria
    We process sheet- as well as roll film in all formats as well as professional films like Rollei R3, Agfa Scala, and Kodak Technical Pan.
  • Fotospeed

    Lercherfelderstrasse , 66-68, Vienna, Austria
    Supernice PhotoLab in the heart of 7th district in Vienna. They do all you want and need!
  • Fotospeed Linz

    Bismarckstraße 20, 4020 Linz, Austria
    Fotospeed Linz offers a wide variety of photography services so please don't hesitate to get in touch with them. They have a profound knowledge on photography and a lot of experience too.
  • Fotospeed Wien

    Lerchenfelderstraße 66-68, 1080, Vienna, Austria
    Fotospeed Wien Fotospeed offers a wide variety of photographic works, and please don't hesitate to get in contact with them. They have profound knowledge and a lot of experience, too. Film processing 35mm, 120 and APS. Panorama prints up to 75x225cm. 120 Prints up to 75x110cm. and also the possibility to make larger prints with a different technique.
  • Foto Strobl

    Hauptplatz 31, 4020 Linz, Austria
    Good small lab with a photo studio. Sometimes they are so fast that you get your film back within 30 minutes. You can also buy films and chemicals/material for home development.

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