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Below you’ll find a list of Photo Labs in Italy recommended by the Lomography community. Please also keep in mind that you can develop your 110 film and 35mm film in regular formats at branches of big chains where you can drop your film. Most of the stores work with CeWe. You can check it here www.fotolibro-cewe.it. For full details and answers to all your film developing questions, please refer to our FAQ section or get in touch with us!

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PhotoLabs in Italy

  • Fahrenheit Fine Art

    Viale Andrea Doria 33, Milano, Italy
    Film developed in Jobo Autolab 2500 tank. Studional Agfa developer mixed at time of using to guarantee optimum quality and consistency in results. Using the main developing solutions commercially available, the baths are prepared just before processing to ensure optimum quality and consistency of results.
  • CG - Colour Gallery

    via Chioda, 99a, 37136 , Verona, Italy
    Their experience in this field allows them to interpret also the needs of professional photographers through various development options, printing and reproduction.
  • Color Club 2

    Piazza del Popolo 14/A, Copparo, Italy
    It´s a small town store, quick service and fair prices. If you ask for anything they can help you without problem.
  • Dall'armellina Rossella

    Via Dante, 41/11, Padua, Italy
    Foto lab
  • FCF

    Via Maestri Campionesi 25 20135, Milano, Italy
    Fcf Forniture Cine Foto Srl has been serving imaging markets since 1971. Through all those years we focused our business on professional photographers, photographic agencies, production studios and publishing groups. Our headquarter is near the center of the city in Via Maestri Campionesi 25. We work in a new store with an expositive area of about 400sqmt where hundreds of professional demo equipment await for customer to try them. Following the evolution of our market, we developed new services trying to satisfy and help our customers.
  • Foto Express Como

    Via Diaz 31, Como, Italy
    An excellent, professional lab, great both for color and b/w film development.
  • Foto Greco - Chieti Scalo (CH)

    Viale unità d'Italia, 20, Chieti Scalo (CH), Italy
    This lab develops 35mm, 120 and 127 film format, quick developing service of C41 and X-Pro in 20 minutes, also B&W and E6 (slide) developing service, framed in strips.
  • Foto laboratorio del colore

    via san biagio 32, Padova, Italy
    Great shop in centre of Padua.
  • Fotonet Megalò

    Località Santa Filomena c/o CC Megalò, chieti, Italy
    Photo lab Sells Lomography products
  • Immagina Foto + Libri di Gianluca Colagrossi

    Via del teatro,3 (Piazzetta della Misura) , 47121 , Forlì , Italy
    Rivenditore Lomography

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