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Belmont Photographics, Belmont (suburb of Perth), Western Australia

Shop 3, 222 Belmont Avenue, Cloverdale, Perth, Australia
Email: belmontphoto@bigpond.com.au
Website: www.belphoto.com.au
Phone: +61 8 9478 3628

  • Does 35mm film development
  • Does 120 (medium format) film development

Belmont Photographics can develop and scan film from all aspects of Lomography, including the sprocket holes.

Belmont Photographics is the lab I went to my first roll of film from the 360 Spinner. Without the aid of the DigitaLIZA the lab developed a method to scan my Spinner shots and put them to disk for me.

Since that time I have been back with numerous films from the Spinner and a Holga 120N, including 135 film and exposed sprocket holes …the poor man’s Sprocket Rocket. (I have a Sprocket Rocket now! Just waiting to get some film developed.)

Developing and scanning of 135 film is reasonably priced. 120 film is developed cheaply; however if the lab is the scan the film it is best to do this in bulk (50 or more shots at once) because of the set up time.

I purchased a 135 DigitaLIZA, which Belmont Photographics have tried using on my behalf. What we have found is the method the lab developed to scan the negatives appears to give a better result to the edge of the film. So with each roll I always leave it to the experts.

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