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Capovilla Laboratório

Rua Pedroso de Morais, 77, São Paulo, Brazil
Website: http://www.capovilladigital.com.br/ecommerce/
Phone: +55 11 3038-0000

  • Does 35mm film development
  • Does 110 film development
  • Does 120 (medium format) film development
  • Does E6 film development
  • Does C41 film development
  • Does black and white film development
  • Does X-Pro film development

Capovilla Photo Lab is a company that began operations in April 1998, with the ideal of bringing for the customers all the technological innovations in the areas of Photography.

As the first photo lab in Brazil to have all-digital technology, has FRONTIER Mini Lab 570, the latest in digital processing. With the Frontier, the Photo Lab Capovilla differs from its competitors and greatly extend its range of products, can transform any digital image in photography, which can be taken from a digital camera.

You can also retouch photos, duplicate them, mount photos with the addition of other, make invitations, calendars, and whatever your mind imagine. The Capovilla also has the most comprehensive lab P / B (manual) and laboratory slides (manual). With a store with more than 4,000 items and over 200 square meters featuring all types of 35mm film up to 4 “x5”, batteries, tripods and printfiles, and all there is to Laboratory B / W, chemicals and papers and is also the only laboratory in Brazil to have the revelation in 30 minutes. With the use of chemicals and professional papers of high quality copies is guaranteed durability of 60 years.

Located in Pinheiros district of easy access, and valet parking at the door and having an effective service-takes and carries, and with extensive opening hours.

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