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Speed Lab

Rua da Lapa, 200 - Cob 01, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Email: speedlab@speedlab.com.br
Website: http://www.speedlab.com.br
Phone: 21 2242-5154

  • Does 35mm film development
  • Does E6 film development
  • Does C41 film development
  • Does black and white film development
  • Does X-Pro film development

Speed ​​Lab is a company that was founded in 1992 and established itself in the market due to the quality of their services and care provided to their customers. We have trained professionals in various fields of laboratory techniques, and advanced equipment. The Speed ​​Lab prides itself in providing excellence and quality. This quality can be proven with our portfolio of clients: advertising agencies, fashion photographers, artists, photographers, art, major newspapers, magazine publishers from various segments, as well as large companies in the oil sector and airports.

We use the most varied processes of development of films;

• Developing B&W: We use reveal with high or low contrast according to the preference of each client;

• Developing Color: The chemical is monitored daily for control strips to obtain exactly the quality of our revelations. We also develop in “cross process”, known as X-pro, which are films chromos (E-6) revealed in C-41.

• Developing Chromos / slides / E-6: The chemicals are monitored daily for control strips to obtain an accuracy of the quality of our revelations. Pulled and films reveal normal.

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