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  • Writings On The Wall

    written by oldskool_rider on 2009-03-03 in #gear #tipster
    Writings On The Wall

    Good ideas may be right in front of you, literally. Oldskool_rider was doing what he loves best, riding his BMX with an analogue goodie in hand – searching for the perfect shot. Passing some graffiti on the way to his next meet up he realized that you do not need graffiti motifs to actually shoot graffiti!

  • How To Shoot Doubles With The LC-A+

    written by scootiepye on 2009-03-02 in #gear #tipster
    How To Shoot Doubles With The LC-A+

    To some, shooting doubles may well still be a mystery. Well then, allow me to share you how I do such a trick!

  • Tipster Of The Week: Bring Your LC-A To School!

    written by nakolb on 2009-03-01 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Bring Your LC-A To School!

    It was something of a tool conceived in St. Petersburg in the 1980's that is meant to provide the masses a compact and reliable workhorse for everyday photography. Through those years, it endured the ever changing tastes of each generation passed and many times its existence was challenged and almost discontinued. Indeed time went fast, now our beloved LCA is already 25! yay! And what many ways there is to treat our little automatic amigo? Well, let's start with this one!

  • Doubles With Van Gogh

    written by lamia on 2009-02-28 in #gear #tipster
    Doubles With Van Gogh

    Doubles with famous images gives a universality to the photos while putting something that's been seen a million times in a new light.

  • Texturing The Film

    written by ndroo on 2009-02-26 in #gear #tipster
    Texturing The Film

    Bored of the clean and lean photos you get from rolls of film? Here's how to add cool textures to them.

  • Film Crumbling

    written by somapic on 2009-02-26 in #gear #tipster
    Film Crumbling

    Handle your film with care. “Yeah right” Somapic said : ) as he eyed a brave roll of film on his table lying next to a film changing bag. A fan of unsharp and distorted images he decided to try something of his own: film crumbling!

  • I Will Follow You Into The Dark

    written by callumbum on 2009-02-25 in #gear #tipster
    I Will Follow You Into The Dark

    If ever you're going to spent some analogue shooting in a very dim environment and if you're worrying the issues attached on using such old-fashioned cameras, this tip should make things a bit easier...

  • Make X-pro Redscale!

    written by vicuna on 2009-02-24 in #gear #tipster
    Make X-pro Redscale!

    What I love about Redscale-ing having a whole new red/orange universe in your shots but what happens if you reverse a slide film and cross process it?

  • Tipster Of The Week: Ghost Doubles

    written by graefin on 2009-02-22 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Ghost Doubles

    Things happen very quickly these days. On a blink of an eye you can see everything and afterwards you don't. And when our memory becomes unreliable on recording these random impulses in our lives, the camera becomes an effective tool not only for preserving time but also on dissecting bits of reality which then becomes siginificant snapshots captured on film. And this is clearly illustrated on this tip.

  • Microwaved Polaroids

    written by alexeiz on 2009-02-20 in #gear #tipster
    Microwaved Polaroids

    If you think you're too stressed out and feeling older everyday, you might want to consider a new hobby. Something that would deviate you from the usual routine that you're getting sick of. Why not start dancing Ballroom? buy a new pet perhaps? or fishing on the Pacific? If you fancy none of these, then you should try Instant Cooking Photography! Here's how:

  • An Analogue Texture Effect

    written by minicooper on 2009-02-19 in #gear #tipster
    An Analogue Texture Effect

    Sometimes the best results are stumbled upon by accident that is synonymous with the words "chance" and "luck". Unless you have an open mind, you wouldn't really able to see what's in there waiting to be discovered. Check out this experiment from minicooper:

  • Tipster Of The Week: Experiment With Colours

    written by scootiepye on 2009-02-15 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Experiment With Colours

    We're currently on a generation that is being flooded with too much photography. And one can say that pretty much everything else are already done before and nothing is left for newness... or so we thought?

  • Tipster Of The Week: Flick Of The Wrist

    written by dirklancer on 2009-02-08 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Flick Of The Wrist

    Suddenly your boss has just given you a forced vacation leave and didn't supplied any reason, then your girlfriend called, telling you she can't see you anymore because... just because. Then afterwards, you've just missed the last train back home. Had a similar story such as this? I know how it feels. Don't fret about it now but instead I got you this:

  • Colourful Instax Mini Macros With the Tunnel Vision Lens

    written by graefin on 2009-02-05 in #gear #tipster
    Colourful Instax Mini Macros With the Tunnel Vision Lens

    Recently I ordered a "Tunnel Vision Lens": from Lomo for my LCA, Holga and Lubitel. This lens is so multi functional! So when mephisto19 gave me the hint that the macro lens that is included in the Tunnel Vision Lens can be held in front of almost every lens we thought about my Instax Mini 7.

  • Tipster Of The Week: Colour Filters, The Sweety Kind

    written by EDpinhoLEWIS on 2009-02-01 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Colour Filters, The Sweety Kind

    Having a sweet tooth is already considered as a kind of addiction itself just like taking your camera everywhere you go which is obviously another indication of this unexplained compulsiveness one can have. And when these two are combined, perhaps it can lead to something much more colourful...

  • Tipster Of The Week: Supersampler Half

    written by bbg_mae07 on 2009-01-25 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Supersampler Half

    It seems easier said than done these days, but actually being positive comes a long way...

  • From USSR with Lomography Love!

    written by ethermoon on 2009-01-15 in #gear #tipster
    From USSR with Lomography Love!

    Here's what I have been doing lately: combining two cameras together. "Smena 8M,": a true-blooded Russian camera with its great capture lends a hand together with "Lomography's Actionsampler.":

  • A Lubitel 166+ Tip: Use It With The Strobe Flash

    written by mephisto19 on 2009-01-14 in #gear #tipster
    A Lubitel 166+ Tip: Use It With The Strobe Flash

    A great accessory for your "Lubitel+": is the "Holgon Strobe Flash.": Use it in combination with the "Lomo cable release,": because that gets it fixed when using it. You might need a free hand...!

  • Tipster Of The Week: Double Fun!

    written by ndroo on 2009-01-11 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Week: Double Fun!

    With everything else new at this time of the year, the "tipster": never fails to have its own renewal (but of course!) and makes everything more faster, feels stronger and looks better than ever before!

  • FoilJoy - Flashless Color Delight

    written by somapic on 2009-01-04 in #gear #tipster
    FoilJoy - Flashless Color Delight

    All of you colorsplashers out there, listen up! The absence of fresh batteries for my "colorsplash flash": recently cheered up my creativity. But as we all know - necessity is the mother of invention!

  • DIY Flash Diffusers

    written by lomosexual_manboy on 2009-01-03 in #gear #tipster
    DIY Flash Diffusers

    Here is a really cool and easy tip for making your own flash diffusers for a Colorsplash Flash and Diana Flash.

  • The Supersampler "Extreme Cut"

    written by specialblewah on 2009-01-02 in #gear #tipster
    The Supersampler "Extreme Cut"

    For this modification you will need the following:

  • "Foggy Vision"

    written by zorgzorg on 2009-01-02 in #gear #tipster
    "Foggy Vision"

    Remember those blister foil packs that came with your medicine pills? Don’t throw them just yet because it will be very useful especially if you have an LC-A.

  • Everybody Loves the Fisheye!

    written by larslau on 2009-01-02 in #gear #tipster
    Everybody Loves the Fisheye!

    The fisheye is my first camera ever - and I loved it. But after taking more than a hundred shots I realised that it wasn't the most versatile camera in the world. I thought that one could take the fisheye concept further - modify it in some way and still have the absurdity of a camera which can only take fisheye pics. At first I wanted to make a medium format fisheye - I tried to modify a Holga to have a designated fisheye lens, but it was rather hard to get the lens in focus. Then I tried to adjust the aperture and shutter speed of the fisheye which gave some very funky pictures.

  • Pop 9 & The Holga Filter Set

    written by kylethefrench on 2008-12-31 in #gear #tipster
    Pop 9 & The Holga Filter Set

    This may be a little of an unorthodox combination because these items may not go together, but they do like you dropped your peanut butter on my chocolate and oh my chocolate is in your peanut butter style.

  • DIY Lith Printing

    written by lovely_lena on 2008-12-29 in #gear #tipster
    DIY Lith Printing

    From time to time we are presented here at LSI with different ways of manipulating film; by peeing on it, scratching it, boiling it while putting our health at stake... but I don't think I have seen a single lab rat tips on things you can du to your prints. Most of us apparently have our own darkroom, since we can develop our own color/slide film after having peed on it, so why not show some printing tricks.

  • Tipster Of The Day: Saturation Failure Resolved

    written by go-bot on 2008-12-28 in #gear #tipster
    Tipster Of The Day: Saturation Failure Resolved

    Whenever a Lomographic boredom occurs, a solution is then formulated immediately in order to supplement the creative troubles we're going through. On this state of urgency, it unexpectedly brings out the hidden brilliance in all of us and we will never be the same again.

  • Holga CFN - How I Hate to Love You.....Your Flash That Is!

    written by the_fstops_here on 2008-12-27 in #gear #tipster
    Holga CFN - How I Hate to Love You.....Your Flash That Is!

    The Holga Affair - we're all a part of it, we love this blocky plastic camera. With each new model we awe and drool a bit and find new ways to explore our creativity. With the Holga CFN we experience new ways to blend color into our night shots and get gitty at the chance to prowl the night searching for new objects and people to shoot. If you have this camera you may have noticed that without the 6x4.5 mask the batteries which power the flash have a problem of falling out of place. I tried tape (the same electrical tape I use to decorate my Holga) but the heat of summer and the bumps and turns while riding my bike around town caused the batteries to get loose and fall out of place. I even spent a few times in the pub with the camera under my shirt trying to resituate the batteries into place without exposing the film to any light. The main problem besides the flash not working was the tape and or batteries would get in the way and block part of your film from being exposed.

  • Beating the Credit Crunch - The Coffee Developer

    written by mattcharnock on 2008-12-25 in #gear #tipster
    Beating the Credit Crunch - The Coffee Developer

    With today’s economic crisis we need to find new ways to beat the credit crunch and, by Jove, Hanspan and I have it! Why spend tons of cash getting your films developed when you can do it really cheaply with ingredients from your own Kitchen?

  • A Reverse Lens Technique With the Zenit SLR

    written by iamwen on 2008-12-24 in #gear #tipster
    A Reverse Lens Technique With the Zenit SLR

    Have you heard of the reverse lens technique? I got all this information from the internet which states that reverse lens technique makes your lens become a macro lens.