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The Cloud Circle MX Experiment

Some time ago, I discovered how much fun it can be to use clouds in your photos to add that little extra. After shooting several rolls with stuff floating on clouds I felt the need to try something different. What if you could have clouds all around your subject? Read on to find out how simple the circular cloud experiment really is!

Photo by sandravo

One look at my Lomohome is enough to realize how much I like colors. Cross processing expired slide film is a great way to add a touch of color to your photos, but the results can be quite unpredictable. Color filters on the other hand are a cheap, sure, and easy way to get the colors you want, where you want. Recently I shot a few rolls combining a splitzer with color filters to make things float on colored clouds, both with my LC-A+ and my Lubitel 166+.

By the fifth roll I shot this way, most of my initial excitement was gone. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the results, but I also felt that itch to shake things up again. That’s how the circular cloud experiment entered my thoughts. How would it look if I could get the clouds all around my subject rather than just on the bottom of the picture? For that I would need a circular Splitzer. As I didn’t want double exposures I would actually need 2 Splitzers: one blocking the center while covering the outside with clouds, and one to block the surrounding clouds while filling the center. As I was planning to combine this with color filters, the easiest solution was to use the filters to make the Splitzer. Check out the photo below to see how easy it was.

To make the cloud shots, I put a small circle of black tape on the middle of the filter, waited for a good cloud day and shot an entire roll full of clouds. To mix things up I changed the color every few frames. After spooling back the film I used it last weekend to fill in the centers. To avoid double exposures I cut a circle from a 120 film backing paper, with a hole in the center. Since the paper is non-adhesive and I didn’t want to glue it to the filter, I simply trapped in between the filter and the step-up ring.

That’s really all there is to it! Check out some results below and give me a shout when you try this yourself! Have fun!

Note: I used this on my Lubitel 166+ and made the circle the size of a 1 eurocent coin (about 15mm diameter). There is no reason this shouldn’t work on any other camera that can take filters (even an LC-A+ if you follow this tipster), as long as you adjust the diameter to the size of the lens.

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written by sandravo


  1. kekskonstrukt


    great tipster! thanks for sharing :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  2. lokified


    I was a little unconvinced at first (how would the tap spot be the came size, wouldn't it mark up the lens, etc) but the results speak for themselves. Fantastic!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  3. sandravo


    @lokified I had the same concerns as you when I started. Making the spot the same size is easy, just use the same coin. The harder part was deciding what size the center would have to be. The 15mm I used seems fairly large given the small size of the Lubitel lens, but you have to keep in mind the blocking spot is not on your lens, but about 1,5cm before the lens, letting a lot of light in from the sides. Try this: if you hold a finger on your eye you can't see much, but hold it 2cm before your eye and you can look around it.

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  4. avola


    thank you<3!!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  5. mafiosa


    Great stuff and thanks for sharing!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  6. stouf



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  7. rik041


    thank you so much for sharing..

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  8. kostas


    smart and nice trick....

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  9. sandravo


    Thanks all! I hope you will give this a try! @costas, @rik041, @stouf, @mafiosa and @avola

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  10. michaelfr

    Thanks a lot
    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  11. romain-cav


    Thank you for this tipster ! Can't wait to try !

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  12. sandravo


    You're welcome! Good luck and leave a message when you post your results! @romain-cav and @michaelfr

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  13. sobetion



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  14. saisai



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  15. fedehp_y2k


    Great tipster, thanks a lot for sharing!

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  16. kibs


    Wow, excellent tipster!! :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  17. tanip


    So clever! Thanks!
    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  18. vtayeh


    Nice results! Definitely trying this!!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  19. ankada


    I can´t wait for a cloudy day to come!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  20. npkishi


    very smart! I'll try!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  21. clickiemcpete


    Lovely effect!

    11 months ago · report as spam

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