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166+ Series #25: Tipster 166+ - Lubikin

What happens when you decide to use the Lubikin set in the Lubitel 166+? Well you have to care about some new “rules” and go! There’s nothing difficult and you have to play with your creativity. The cool feature of this variation of the use of the Lubitel 166+ is that it’s all in the box!

In the Lubitel 166+ you can find a smaller box called the Lubikin Set. This little box contains some little plastic components (pieces which are used for mounting 35mm film and using the Lubikin with it) and 2 transparent masks for the viewfinder.
Nothing more is needed to shoot a 35mm roll with the Lubitel 166+.

One of the transparent masks is not for the 35mm photography: is simply the one which is needed in the viewfinder when you want to shoot medium format 4.5×6 pictures (but remember to put the correspondent black mask inside the camera, before).

The four-pieces kit included on the box is really simple to mount and use:

  • Insert the 35mm Pressure Plate inside the camera (open the rear door first): it’s necessary to press the film against the door and keep it straight in position.
  • IMPORTANT: before inserting the Film Holder, you have to insert a 35mm roll in it!
  • Mount the Film Holder inside the lower 120 roll hole: it has to be inserted as it was a 120 film roll. Make sure that the Film Holder match the Rewind Crank of the camera.
  • Rotate the 35mm Film Counter Wheel until the Film Counter is on “S” (it means Start).
  • Make sure that the sprocket holes match the gears of the camera.
  • IMPORTANT: use the rubber hood to close the rear window, because 35mm film is more sensitive to light leaks, since it has not a back paper that protects it (as 120 film rolls have).
  • Use the Advance Wheel until the Counter is setted to “1”.
  • You are ready to shoot! When you advance the film, you’ll see a white dot appearing in the advancing counter window: every white dot means that a full frame has been advanced.
  • To unload the film, simply rewind the Rewind Crank until the end of the roll and open the rear door.

Since the 35mm film will be exposed entirely, the sprockets will be exposed as well: using the 35mm DigitaLIZA, you will get astonishing pictures. The length of the frame, also, is longer than a regular 35mm frame, so the result will have a panoramic length and a consequential panoramic feeling. According to the position of the 35mm rolls in the camera, it will be natural to produce vertical images, but you can rotate the camera of 90 degrees and have horizontal images.
Both the sprockets and the panoramic length will give you a great and awesome effect!

Disclaimer: We spoke about philosophy, history (ancestors and birth of the project of the Lubitel 166+), tech specs. Inside all the previous article I left some little, but very important, details that will let you easily interpretate the next ones. These articles are meant to be read in series, so don’t lose the opportunity to go and check the previous episodes.

Alessandro Panelli (aka yo.panic or .panic) is a Medicine and Surgery student, a photographer and a writer from Padova (Italy, near Venice).
Read more about Alessandro’s work and life in his tumblr or add him on Facebook or Google+.

written by yopanic

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