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StereoKino: The Mission To Make A 3D Analogue Movie

Yes, you read this title correctly. And yes, this post is about what you think this title means: using two Lomokinos to produce 3D analogue movies. Or at least I tried.

WARNING: you will find this post rather boring if you don’t have red/cyan anaglyph glasses.

Building a StereoKino

Most of the steps and material used are identical to those involved in the construction of a Power-Winder, except that you’ll obviously need twice more of them. If you intend to experiment with stereoscopy, here’s a useful read. I won’t bother you all the steps and I think the following gallery is explicit enough. If you have any question, I’ll be happy to answer.

Before shooting, mark your left and right camera and film to avoid any confusion.

Once finished, the StereoKino looks and sounds like this (you might want to turn off the volume):

Movie by stouf

Post-Processing frames

First, scan and crop your frames as usual. The left camera being upside-down, you’ll have to rotate those frames. Import your frames in a video editing software, placing the left on top of the right ones. Change the RGB settings of your frames (Left: R100 ; G0 ; B0 – Right: R0 ; G100 ; B100), and change the ‘layer mode’ of the left frames (now red) to ‘difference’. This is very simple, and clearly explained here.

It would be wonderful if it was that simple, but it isn’t. First the cameras were not synchronized, second each camera was shacking because of the motors and third the automated crop caused small movements and shifts in the resulting frames. It was therefore necessary to realign each frame, and in some cases repeat some frames when one camera was going too fast. Out of all Left/right pairs, a few were lucky matches:

The majority was quite messy, didn’t really produce the desired stereoscopic effect but rather a headache… I still had some fun building it, and it can be used ‘normally’ by unplugging one of the motors.

Movie by stouf

written by stouf


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  2. adi_totp


    Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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  3. warning


    @stouf can you stop of being so bright? clap clap clap

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    stouf does it again! Big props!

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    Amazing! :O

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  6. stouf


    @adi_totp @warning @pan_dre @biondapiccola Thanks a lot friends!!! You're so kind. But does the video works at all for you? Maybe the last sequence? I am a bit dubious honestly : ) ... And big up to my mate @tomas_bates for this tipster!

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  7. istionojr


    aaa! you are my master—lomokino—shifu!
    I've watched the movie with the simply red/cyan anaglyph flash colorgel and it's sooo stunning!
    giving me a whole new experience enjoying the movie with lomokino. salute!

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  8. lostlittlekid


    This is just genius! Hats off to you! Superb!

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    I'm in awe, this is genius! I love the results!

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  10. stouf


    @istionojr @lostlittlekid @desibel Thank you Thank you Thank you! I'm glad you liked it : )

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    Great idea!

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    Incredible!! Fantastic idea and well executed. Thank you for sharing!!! <3

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  16. pollyarts


    Damn amazing! Someone's gonna read this and figure out how to get it right! (Or they might discover the visual equivalent of Steve Reich's looping classic "It's Gonna Rain." Don't diss that discovery.)

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  17. stouf


    @mafiosa Thanks dear : ) @pollyarts Never heard of it! I'll look it up thanks : )

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    Amazing!! Really really cool!!

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    oh lord! that's analogue amore!

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