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Custom Hand-Made Camera Bag

Is that a stylish, expensive, designer clutch you have in your hand? No, it's actually a custom camera bag I made using one of my own photos. Find out how after the jump :)

Back in October when I visited Spain and had the opportunity to meet up with atria007 and elvismartinezsmith, we all had a good laugh over the “camera bag” I was using for my Lubitel. It was literally just the bubble-wrap that the camera was wrapped in from the original packaging. That is when I was finally motivated to proceed with an idea I have been toying around with for a couple of years.

I have always liked using my photos for such things as cards, postcards, signs, etc. I also really like the look of photos printed on canvas. So I combined my habit of turning my photos into practical, useable items with the technology of printing photos on canvas fabric to create a customized, personalized, DIY camera bag. And here is how:

1) First, select a photo (or several photos). For my first attempt at this I decided to stick with photos that had a certain pattern or graphic element to them.

2) Have them printed on canvas – most print shops should have an option for canvas printing. If not, I believe there are several online resources for this. Be sure to select a size large enough to create a bag that can fit your camera.

3) For this particular bag, I decided to pad it with foam (or quilting batting) to provide a layer of protection for the camera. Therefore, I needed another bit of fabric to line the bag with. So I chose a polka-dot patterned piece of cotton in a contrasting colour. I also decided to use Velcro as the fastening device.

4) Now, you will need some basic sewing supplies. I utilized a sewing machine for this project. If you are skilled at hand-sewing, that is an option, but the canvas fabric is a bit stiff and may be difficult to work with. If using a sewing machine, be sure to attach a needle that can handle heavy-duty fabric (such as denim).

5) Cut everything to the appropriate size, and begin sewing. For this bag, I decided to keep the shape simple, which would give it some versatility in case I wanted to use it as something other than a camera bag.

And…Ta-DA… a customized, personalized, DIY camera bag that looks like a designer hand-bag:

For my next project, I plan to use a zipper instead of Velcro and add handles to the bag.

written by mafiosa


  1. digitaljunk


    Stylish package! It's always satisfying to make your own gear, even more so when it has a print of your own photo on it. Nice!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  2. segata


    Nice, I plan to make something similar at some point using some old jeans and a smaller case using some reclaimed leather from a pair of old boots.

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  3. grazie


    cool @mafiosa !!! love it!!!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  4. ohlordy


    Cool as mafiosa! DIY or DIE !

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  5. bsdunek


    Interesting idea to use your photos printed on canvas. I would put some dividers in to prevent the cameras from banging into each other.

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  6. kibs


    You are so talented! What a great idea!! :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  7. ropi


    I did my own camera bag too!!! and gave one to @hanat9651 !!! :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  8. hanat9651


    Yeah...!!! ;-) thanks @ropi !!!!!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  9. alloftheabove


    cool! how do I place an order? ;)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  10. herbert-4


    Wonderful article and project!!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  11. boredslacker


    Great idea! Have you started on the zippered pouch yet?

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  12. mafiosa


    Thank you @digitaljunk @segata @grazie @ohlordy @bsdunek @kibs @alloftheabove @herbert-4 and @boredslacker for your comments on this tipster !!! <3 @ohlordy your comment is too funny!!! @alloftheabove - i need to practice a bit more to perfect the technique before I start taking orders (hehe) ;)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  13. segata


    You could do something like I did with another hobby of mine, I took a couple of orders on the grounds I would do my best but could not promise brilliant results and they could pay what they felt it was worth, be it many pounds or a single penny, I went through with them what they wanted (these were post apoycalptic model cars, one wanted a matchbox sized car done as a vehicle that was on its last mission and the other wanted a chey impala dog van complete with mutant canine) and built what I felt was right.
    I won't give exact figures but it was a suprising sucess in both cases, doing this may well work for you too and its a very good way to get intrest aswell :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  14. mafiosa


    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  15. herbert-4


    This made me think of something... when I was a child, my great grandma had a needle pointed handbag she kept her cosmetics and perfume in. The needle pointing on the side of it said "Condiments". When I asked, "Why Condiments?", she said, "That all they'll be, if that bear gets me!" She lived to be 94, but she smoked a lot. If she hadn't smoked she might be 145 years old this year.

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  16. mafiosa


    LOL @herbert-4 - what a great story!!

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  17. mafiosa


    @mikerph @liquorice @luiisaoliveira @sui_ @kuraara @nicole-jsharma @jorindee - Thank you all so much for liking this tipser :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  18. mafiosa


    @saidseni @zonderbar - Thank you for liking my tipster!! <3

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  19. clickiemcpete


    Nice work! :)

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  20. deepfried_goodness


    Well done.

    over 1 year ago · report as spam
  21. eightymillion


    Great idea! Will definitely be making one of these. I would add the zipper though. Don't want anything to damage the goodies inside! Thanks for sharing. :)
    over 1 year ago · report as spam

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