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166+ Series #17: Tipsteroids 166+, Part 5

In order to close the composition topic of these “Tipsteroids”, we have to speak about the relationship between some kind of subjects and the film format, in terms of composition. Understanding WHY the result with the square format is so amazing, will give you also the abilities to compose better your pictures with your Lubitel 166+.

Photo by tall_bastard

General Shapes, Geometry, Apparently Abstract Textures
Composing square frames with some pieces of geometry inside can give a very powerful look. This emotional result is linked with something more ancestral: in the basic cultural structure of our brain, we associate the circle and the square with the idea of perfection (someone associated the circle with God, but this is another story).

The square format is associated with the idea of perfection, so we can decide to relate this ancestral feeling with two different possible approaches:

  • Analogy: try to put shapes’ subjects, precise geometry inside your picture. Association of perfection of the frame with perfection in the real world will surely produce a nice and unconsciously cool effect.
  • Contrast: put textures, abstract groups of subjects that can have a geometrical meaning. The contrast between perfection and mistakes of the real world will give you astonishing results.

The same picture in rectangular format (all aspect ratios) will give you NO feelings at all.

Humans in the Middle
Everyone told me “in portraits, never put the human in the middle!”. This golden rule can be true most of the times, but not with square format. With 1:1 aspect ratio, the human in the middle ROCKS…

It’s strange to explain how it works. My only motivation is that the simplicity of the square suits perfectly a human body inside it: it could be like the Vitruvian Man (a man in the middle of a square it’s linked with human body’s proportions).

Disclaimer: We spoke about philosophy, history (ancestors and birth of the project of the Lubitel 166+), tech specs. Inside all the previous article I left some little, but very important, details that will let you easily interpret the next ones. These articles are meant to be read in series, so don’t lose the opportunity to go and check the previous episodes.

Alessandro Panelli (aka yo.panic or .panic) is a Medicine and Surgery student, a photographer and a writer from Padova (Italy, near Venice). Read more about Alessandro’s work and life in his website or add him on Facebook or Google+.

written by yopanic

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