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When Long Exposure Meets Multi-Coloured Flash

I love to see pictures taken with long exposure mode that give outcomes like light painting, light trail, star trail and etc. So I came up with an idea: what if I combine the long exposure technique with multi-coloured flash? In my experiment, I'm using my holga 12MFC flash. Read on to see how it works.

One thing I love about photography is to see lots of colour combination. For all colour lovers out there, why don’t you try this?

You need:

  • A dark room – I used my own bedroom as it’s totally dark when the light is switched off.
  • A study lamp – I used my study lamp to get a small amount of light being bounced off the wall.
  • A tripod – You can use other things which can support your camera such as flat table, desk or flat chair/stool.
  • A roll of film – I used low iso film (iso 200).

These are the essential items for this Tipster:

  • A camera. I’m using Holga 135BC. Other types of camera will be ok as long as it has bulb mode.
  • A multi-coloured flash.
  • A long shutter release cable – can be used to take self portraits or group photos to prevent the camera from shaking.

1. Find a suitable place with any background you like. For me, I prefer a blank white background, so my bedroom wall is just perfect.
2. Set up your tripod to a distance you want the camera to be from the object.
3. Make sure you attach your camera firmly on the tripod.
4. Screw the shutter release cable to your camera.
5. Place your study lamp at any place you like and use it as a light source. I directed my study lamp to the wall so that the light will bounce on the wall-to get indirect light source.
6. Be ready to take photos when you’re comfortable with the set up.
7. After you’re in position, press the shutter release cable.
8. While posing, you’ll need the flash. As for Holga 12MFC flash, it has test button at the back, so press it several times by using a different colour each time. You can bring the flash to different angles each time you press the test button.

the test button

9. When still in the bulb mode, you can change your position and fire the flash towards you to get multiple exposure effect
10. Just snap until you finish your entire roll of film.

I did this experiment to my friend as well. To try it on your friends, just follow all the steps above. The only difference is you won’t be in the pictures.

Here are some of the photos:

One thing to be highlighted is to get colourful effect, carry this experiment in a dark room. I took some photos of my friend in a bright room, the outcome didn’t turn out so well.

written by haziqhashim


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