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Heart Transplant for my Lomo LC-A+

Last March 2011, I bought a Lomo LCA+ camera. To be honest, I am not a fan of LCA+ that much because I myself consider a purist with regards to the original LCA camera. Although a lot of people might tell me that there are no difference in between the shots of these two cameras, I say I will still go for the original because… it’s original per se. I don’t know. Blame myself for being a purist. Well, to each its own.

Anyway, one afternoon of May 2011, I tried searching for my original Lomo LC-A which I bought from a friend. You may ask why I bought a new Lomo LC-A+? The original one is already dead plus it has a sticky shutter. I don’t want to waste films with blank frames.

Now, I tried opening my original Lomo LC-A, taking off the screws and watch how it performs once the shutter is being pressed. To my odd curiosity, I also dare opened my new Lomo LC-A+. I then compared everything (how it works, the pieces inside, et cetera and many thanks to the Lomo LCA+ book).

So, I was thinking, if only I can remove the lens from the original LCA and transfer it to my new Lomo LCA+, then how fantastic my shots would be! That was my proposed plan but how can I transfer the lens? I then discovered that you can remove the screws that holds the lens including its zone focus knob. I tried removing it and to my surprise, you can take off the lens! I was happy. I then tried removing the lens of my Lomo LC-A+ camera and finally began the heart transplant.

What seems to be so easy at first is quite impossible the next time around. I spent around 1.5 hours just to put back the pieces of my Lomo LC-A+ camera (now with the original Russian lens). So I tried taking shots with it and hey, I was happy! Now, my camera is Lomo LC-A+ RL (I believe) that includes button for multiple exposure and a higher ISO rating (from 100 to 1600).

From left to right, clockwise: 1. My Lomo LCA and Lomo LCA+. You can tell the difference. 2. A close-up of the Lomo LCA’s electrical wirings. 3. Lomo LCA+ with it’s lens (that is yes, made in China). 4. Comparison of both lenses. The left one belongs to the Lomo LCA+ and the right one belongs to the original Lomo LCA. Can you see the difference now? 5. My broken Lomo LCA. 6. Front plate of Lomo LCA+ removed with their corresponding lens lying on their body. 7. My newly heart transplanted Lomo LCA+ (RL) including original lens inside the camera. 8. Figuring out how to fix the cameras.

Below are some of my shots that were taken with my Lomo LCA+ (RL) camera. Enjoy!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

written by ethermoon


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  2. nfxfsx


    That's awesome.

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  3. vicuna


    wow! that's great!

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  4. neurodiaz


    It's called love :D

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  5. boredbone


    success! good job doc:-)

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  6. dearjme


    Surgery is awesome!

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  7. brettac


    Super risky, but amazing job and awesome photos.

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  8. mandecster


    wow!!this is cool man!!

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  9. naqi


    you're the man!

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  10. ephemera

    wow those shots are awesome! congratulations on the successful surgery hehe
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  11. stephanie_maks


    Well done! Kudos!

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  12. aguigabriela


    If I had a LC-A+, I'd definitely do this. I may be a purist, too.

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    I was holding my breath while reading. Neat work!

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