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  • Macau's Senado Square

    Macau's Senado Square
    Macau is more than just casinos and gambling. A part of China and also a former Portuguese colony, Macau has a rich blend of history and culture. Taking a stroll along Senado Square is like taking a walk back in time.
  • 2010's Most LomoLocations Revisited

    2010's Most LomoLocations Revisited
    Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the results for last week's 2010's Most LomoLocations were incorrect and we're sorry for that! We've gone and corrected the original post and you can see the winners right now!
  • 2010's Most LomoLocations

    2010's Most LomoLocations
    We should consider ourselves lucky that such well-traveled individuals such as these Lomographers find the time to share the tales and details of their adventures with us. Here's 2010's most traveled!
  • Ephesus: A Walk Through Time

    Ephesus: A Walk Through Time
    Some of the best preserved Roman ruins (which aren't even in Italy); as seen through the plastic lens of a Diana F+. Let me take you on a trip through time in Ephesus. I was lucky enough to get on a cruise tour where my Diana F+ and I soaked in the culture and the sights and sounds of this historical site.
  • LomoPeople: Salute to the Nug

    LomoPeople: Salute to the Nug
    If you need someone to be all things in all photographic situations, call the nug. He travels, he poses, he hangs out in dark rooms perfectly still, and sometimes he wears a mask. Oh did I mention he's not afraid make sexy suggestions?
  • San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid

    San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid
    If you have plans of visiting Madrid then do make San Lorenzo del Escorial one of your stops. A location that will give you pleasant surprises in all sorts of ways. Of course, it also makes for an ideal location to take some of the best photos with your favorite Lomo camera.
  • Sprocket Rocket as a Travel Companion

    Sprocket Rocket as a Travel Companion
    It was a little too late to try out my new Sprocket Rocket as it arrived only a couple of days before my vacation. I decided to take a risk and make it my main camera during my 1 week trip to Taiwan and ...
  • Gunung Mahameru the Great Mountain

    Gunung Mahameru the Great Mountain
    Once an active volcano in Indonesia, Semeru is an integral part of the volcanic belt of Asia called, the "Pacific Ring of Fire". It is located in East Java and is 3,676 metres high. This "stratovolcano" is also known as Gunung Mahameru (the Great Mountain) due to its supreme attributes. In fact, Mahameru actually refers to the Hindu god Siwa in local dialects. Siwa the Destroyer (Dewa Pemusnah) is the most powerful one, hence, it comes to no surprise that Mount Semeru is named after this forceful deity.
  • A Solution when Travelling with 5 Cameras!

    A Solution when Travelling with 5 Cameras!
    I have to admit that when travelling I take usually 4 or 5 cameras. I choose them depending what I want to photograph. At first, I used to put them on my shoulder bag, but the main problem is that they can be damaged, or is quite difficult to take the camera you are looking for. On the other side, the classic Lomo bag allows you only two small cameras...
  • Chasing the Sun at Dieng Plateau

    Chasing the Sun at Dieng Plateau
    The Dieng Plateau is a caldera complex formed after an eruption of Mt. Prau. The caldera was once full of water which then dried up. However, volcanic activity continues to this day as you can find sulfuric fumes and poisonous lakes in the area. Located at an altitude of 2000m, the temperature here is also much cooler compared to the surrounding lowlands. The ancient Javanese Hindus built temples here and hailed Dieng Plateau as a sacred place.
  • Plaza de la Virgen and Around, Valencia

    Plaza de la Virgen and Around, Valencia
    Scouring for my next Lomo Location can be a toughie at times although when I do spot a location that inspires me, I instantly get a hold of my camera and start clicking away. Lucky me, I didn't even have to go far especially with something like the picture perfect Valencia Square nearby.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    The Brooklyn Bridge, New York
    One of the most well-known sites in the Big Apple, it is actually one of the "must-sees" in my New York itinerary. During my visit, I was staying in one of the boroughs in Brooklyn and this popular landmark served as my link to the fast-paced city of Manhattan.
  • Zugspitze: A View from the Top

    Zugspitze: A View from the Top
    A spontaneous trip to the top of Germany. It took us awhile to get there but with enough effort, we were finally able to see the spectacular view from the top. Zugspitze, the highest mountain in the country truly is a worthwhile place to visit whether you're into the outdoors or not.
  • Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Oahu, Hawaii

    Pearl Harbor Navy Base, Oahu, Hawaii
    It is so easy to forget that on the sunny, tropical island of Oahu lies the Pearl Harbor Navy Base, famous for the 1941 bombings that killed almost 2,500 people. When my friends and I decided to vacation in Hawaii, I know they had surfing, tanning, and swimming in the ocean on their minds. I, however, grabbed my Diana F+ and booked a seat on a bus to take me to Pearl Harbor, where I had one of the most moving experiences of my life.
  • On the Road from California to Florida: Joshua Tree National Park

    On the Road from California to Florida: Joshua Tree National Park
    Not since we drove from St. Augustine, FL to Boston, MA four years ago have we been on the road together (driving from LA to San Francisco or Vegas doesn’t really count). This time, our target is 15 cities around the southern half of the United States in three weeks. Our first stop is the Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Himeji Castle

    Himeji Castle
    If you want to step in to an Akira Kurosawa film don’t miss the coastal city of Himeji and contemplate the most visited castle in Japan. A trip to Himeji to see one of the best-preserved medieval buildings in Japan is well worth it. It was declared a National Treasure and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.
  • Iwatayama, The Monkey Park

    Iwatayama, The Monkey Park
    A peaceful haven in the heart of traditional Japan. After getting to know Tokyo, my friends and I boarded the bullet train to the old capital of Japan, Kyoto (an obligatory stop in the land of the rising sun. Be sure to put quite a few days aside for this cultural hotspot.
  • The Imposing, Floating Torii

    The Imposing, Floating Torii
    One of the most photographed places in Japan, this is a clear and spectacular example of the fusion of nature with man’s handy work. The warrior chief Taira no Kivomori, built the first Torii in the 12th century. The current structure (constructed in 1875) measures about 16 metres in height and has a four-pillar structure for stability.
  • Summer in Berlin

    Summer in Berlin
    With leaves on the trees and the sun in the sky July is a great time to enjoy Berlin's outdoor eateries, beer gardens and urban beaches. Here are my highlights of my time in Berlin.
  • The Colorful Islamic State, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

    The Colorful Islamic State, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
    Kota Bharu is the capital city of Kelantan. The name means 'new city' or 'new castle/fort' in Malay. This city located at north-east of Malaysia and very close to the Thai border.