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  • Decorate Your Diana Mini with Fabric

    Decorate Your Diana Mini with Fabric
    See all those Diana Minis decorated with colorful fabrics on the Online Shop but you already own one? Here’s how you can decorate your own Diana Mini with your favorite fabric or pattern!
  • Tote Bagging the Cyanotype

    Tote Bagging the Cyanotype
    Making cyanotypes is a wonderful craft and is surprisingly easy. The fun thing is you don't have to limit yourself to paper prints. You can make cyanotypes on all kinds of surfaces! Here's how I made a simple cyanotype tote bag.
  • Tradition Can Be Part Of Your Creation!

    Tradition Can Be Part Of Your Creation!
    Things are changing with each passing day and inevitably some people may regard traditional culture and customs as being outdated. However, everything has two sides and we cannot deny that we are still under the influence of tradition! Batik is surely a good example!
  • Lx Factory in Lisbon: From Fabric to Dreams

    Lx Factory in Lisbon: From Fabric to Dreams
    Born in 2008, in place of an old fabric factory (and many other things along the years), Lx Factory just breathes creativity. In this small place there are restaurants, little shops, nice coffee houses, model agencies, dancing and acting studios and so much more! It even has the best place in Lisbon to develop film especially if you have a Lomo camera...and art is everywhere!
  • How to Make DIY Camera Skins

    How to Make DIY Camera Skins
    Most of the cameras we see or have always have black leather skin on the body itself. Not saying it is not nice but wouldn't it be cool if we can give it a different look? In my recent post, there were comments asking me to write a Tipster on my camera skin as I uploaded a photo of my Lomo LC-Wide with some DIY skin. So today, I'm sharing with everyone a Tipster on how can we design our own camera skin!
  • Dolly Dare

    Dolly Dare
    Dolly Dare - a destination for fashion escapism. DOLLY DARE - DARE TO DREAM; DOLLY DARE - DARE TO BE DIFFERENT; DOLLY DARE - DARE TO BE DESIRED...If you want to try a true London look with the sense of both futurism and vintage, then Dolly Dare is your ultimate destination!
  • Cheapest LCA+ skin @ SGD2

    Cheapest LCA+ skin @ SGD2
    You have a tight budget, but you wanted to make your LCA+ less boring? This is most affordable way out
  • The Abandoned Factory in Albenga

    The Abandoned Factory in Albenga
    Last Sunday, I drove to Albenga to take photos of the abandoned factory that I always see when I enter the town. With my Holga camera and SX-70 in tow, I spent half an hour there just taking photos. It was a good spot for picture taking on a gloomy Sunday.
  • Graffiti Fabric

    Graffiti Fabric
    A little while ago, I went to shoot in an abandoned textile factory (see in my other locations)... As it was great fun and gave me really cool pics, I've been looking for other similar places to go with my cameras!