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  • Shooting Awesome Drum Solo Portraits

    Shooting Awesome Drum Solo Portraits
    Want to add a little more pop to the photoshoot you're doing with an up and coming drummer? It's easy - just add glitter!
  • SoLocations: Solo Walk at St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery

    SoLocations: Solo Walk at St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
    I'm a creature of habit. Whenever I get my hands on a new camera or new films that I have yet to try, there is a particular location where I do my lone photo walks and test all my new finds/purchases! Keep reading to read about my favourite place to shoot.
  • SoLocations: Solo Burano

    SoLocations: Solo Burano
    Burano. I don’t think that many tourists (but also Italian people from other regions of Italy) know about this little island of the archipelago of Venice. The architecture of this island is completely different from Venice and the key aesthetical point of this island is the huge amount of colors.
  • SoLocations: Solo Venice

    SoLocations: Solo Venice
    Venice has recently been nominated as the most beautiful city of the world, as a tourist destination. I was born in the nearest town to Venice, called Padua (or Padova), so it has been always so simple for me to go to Venice for the Carnival or just to walk.
  • My Analogue Days: Super Solo Photo Walks

    My Analogue Days: Super Solo Photo Walks
    Staying at home could be comforting, relaxing and maybe boring. Going outside and saying hello to the sun seems like a great activity for every lomographer out there. Doing photo walks on my own is a quiet activity that I do often since I began in 2007, whether in my hometown Bandung or doing it during my travels. I often do photo walks, but going solo for photo walks? No problem! My analogue days are filled with super solo photo walks for years!
  • Kasunanan Surakarta Palace: Old Java Kingdom

    Kasunanan Surakarta Palace: Old Java Kingdom
    Surakarta is a unique city in East Java especially to those who really love antique stuff. If you wanna go back to 100 years past, follow me.
  • Venice in Winter

    Venice in Winter
    Many people travel to sunnier places to avoid the cold during winter, but I knew I had to go to Venice, for the city's mysterious, foggy appeal and seeming emptiness that adds to its unique atmosphere. So it's there where I spent five days on my own for my winter holiday!
  • Self-Portraits as a State of Mind

    Self-Portraits as a State of Mind
    In order to snap a natural-looking, candid shot, it helps if your subject is either: (a) unaware you are taking a picture, or (b) very comfortable with you as a photographer. Well, both of these criteria are non-existent when you're taking self-portraits and realize you feel: self-conscious, awkward, and a little too narcissistic or self-indulgent taking pictures of yourself. Here are my quick tips to avoiding stiff, overly-posed pictures.