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  • Self Portraits With the Lubitel ended over 5 years ago

    Self Portraits With the Lubitel
    It may just of happened that you are so in love with your "Lubitel":http://www.lomography.com/lubitel166+/ that you are reluctant to let others hold it, let alone use it. If this is the case, then most probably the majority of your pictures will exclude one important person, yourself! But there is a way to get yourself in the picture as well, and we are sure that you have already embarked upon the journey of self portraits already. Yes? We knew it!
  • Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes ended over 5 years ago

    Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes
    We count no less than *6* different lenses in the Diana arsenal, the Fisheye, the Super Wide, the Wide, the Close - Up, the Telephoto and the standard. But the Diana will also do her work with an entirely different option - the pinhole! Remove the lens, set the camera to bulb & pinhole - chose your subject and take photography back to basics! Are you already an expert?
  • Picture This! ended over 5 years ago

    Picture This!
    “Sleep tight, grim rite, we have two hundred couches
  • A Wider Perspective With the LC-A ended over 5 years ago

    A Wider Perspective With the LC-A
    Many times you find yourself in the situation where no matter how hard you try to squeeze everyone into the picture it is simply not possible. Either a head will be left out, somebody's left arm will be chopped off or maybe the whole body will be missing? Well that's no good is it?
  • The Truth is Out There! Rumble Winner Announcement

    The Truth is Out There! Rumble Winner Announcement
    The strange and unexplainable share a strange mystique - and we'll never know until we see them with our own eyes! Our winner "calo":http://beta.lomography.com/homes/calo shares to us this somewhat X-files paranormal agent photo.
  • LC-A Birthday Video Action

  • Photos Rumble - Day 6

    Photos Rumble - Day 6
    Did you visit "photos":http://beta.lomography.com/photos yesterday? If so you might be curious to see if you made the cut and won some piggies today :) At Lomography we are impressed with today's winners, you might see why when you read on...
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Lunar New Year) ended over 5 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Lunar New Year)
    Our lovely friends from the east are celebrating the new year with a bang - pyrotechnics, new year's cake, the lion/dragon dance, the coveted 'ang pao' and all those pretty neat customs for good luck.
  • Photos Rumble - Day 5

    Photos Rumble - Day 5
    Who looked at "photos":http://beta.lomography.com/photos yesterday? At "photos":http://beta.lomography.com/photos its a two way street to happiness, simply click on a new tag, camera, film or place and be amazed at the pictures (and Lomographers) you will find, or have them find you :) And we had some new people walking away with the piggies yesterday, congratulations to you!
  • Oktomat, Anyone? ended over 5 years ago

    Oktomat, Anyone?
    Look around you. What do you see? Action, comedy or perhaps drama? With an Oktomat you have 8 eyes fixed on the stage, each ready to open for a split second and capture that moment, 8 times in a row, 2.5 seconds apart! But what did your 8 eyes see?
  • Photos Rumble - Day 4

    Photos Rumble - Day 4
    After a short intermission over the weekend we are back with some more "photos":http://beta.lomography.com/photos statistics and some piggies to the pace setters over the last three days (Friday to Sunday)
  • Avatar Rumble Winners

    Avatar Rumble Winners
    If you saw our "blog":http://beta.lomography.com/magazine/blog/2009/01/23/a-avatar-picture-says-more-than-a-thousand-words post last week you know that we introduced avatars that go along with your comments on the beta page. Now if you saw the post you most likely also read that we would award the best avatars today! Well look no further, our selection has been made:
  • People With ... Books! ended over 5 years ago

    People With ... Books!
    If you are a curious Lomographer, (we are sure that you are), you will most likely sneak upon family members and friends while the are... reading! But what are they reading? Are they even reading or are they just looking at the pictures? Are they comfortably at home in the living room sofa or in the library? Do they "shhhhhhhh" you away or smile for your picture? But don't limit your imagination to others, what about you? Do you read? In which position?
  • Photos Rumble - Day 3

    Photos Rumble - Day 3
    It's Day 3 of the this week's photo piggy giveaway rumble! We have some new faces and some old friends among the top performers today. To see if you made 10 piggies admiring "photos":http:beta.lomography.com/photos yesterday keep reading :)
  • Are You In Love? ended over 5 years ago

    Are You In Love?
    There is nothing such as the feeling of being in love as all those that have experienced this wonder will testify. In the end it is about two people, and even if the world falls down around them it does not matter because they have each other. But what about you? Are you in love? Do you have someone's hand to hold when you walk down the street? Do you have somebody to tease and play with through the night? Does your heart ache when your other half is not around you?
  • Photos Rumble - Day 2

    Photos Rumble - Day 2
    Another day of work, another day of life and another day of uploading! Continuing our piggy giveaway to the most hardworking of you out there we have some new winners to announce today. If you did not make the cut today, don't worry, well reset the counter tomorrow and give you a new chance!
  • 'Cos There Ain't No Party Like A LC-A Party! ended over 5 years ago

    'Cos There Ain't No Party Like A LC-A Party!
    For those of you that have not heard about it already, the LC-A is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! For those of you who already know this, we are sure that you've started celebrating and that you already have several nights of full on partying under you belt this year! Perhaps a friend's birthday bash, maybe a promotion or who knows, even a new camera? There are always excuses to party. Whatever the reason (there need be none) we are sure that your loyal friend, the LC-A was with you at all times! 'Cos there ain't no party like a LC-A party! (No we haven't been hitting the bottle). Now its time for you to share your personal best, most memorable, most daring party pics ever taken (of course only with the LC-A)! Don’t be shy now, we wont tell :)
  • First Winners - Photo Upload Rumble ended over 5 years ago

    First Winners - Photo Upload Rumble
    The newest feature at the beta site, "photos":http://beta.lomography.com/photos is just great, don't you think? Now don't lie, because we know that you have been uploading, voting and commenting like never before! In fact, the weekly upload figure more than doubled from an average of about 3000 pictures per week to 6600 since photos launched! We know that we gave you some incentive (other than the ability to test this awesome new feature of course) and we are now happy to announce the first winners for the photo upload rumble! 10 piggies coming to 3 lucky (or hard working) winners :)
  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: The Truth is Out There ended over 5 years ago

    Round-the-Clock Rumble: The Truth is Out There
    Our lovely winner for the ‘Here Come the Wild Children’, “katya-leontyeva”:katya-leontyeva has a penchant for the uncanny. A good number of us might be familiar with the cult 90s series The X Filesl – Find something out-of-this world, an extra-terrestrial or a long lost family member of E.T.’s clan? This rumble is all about the unexplainable things you’ve captured with your 35mm (or 120). The strangest photo gets to bag the ‘Uncanny Junkie’ badge for their lomohome and gets to pick the next rumble theme!
  • Nominate Your Best LC-A Shots Of 2008 ended over 5 years ago

    Nominate Your Best LC-A Shots Of 2008
    The new year may be here, but we are just not ready to forget all about 2008 yet! For many the "LC-A":http://www.lomography.com/lca+/ is the Lomography camera of choice so we though it fitting that we create a small homage to our loyal servant. You may have shot 1 roll of film through the Minitar lens, or maybe even 50, no matter how many we are sure that there is one picture that just stood out from the rest. Nominate this picture to the soon to come LCA Album of the year (you can find my submission in above :) )