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  • Young Masters #11: Joep Gottemaker

    Young Masters #11: Joep Gottemaker
    Joep Gottemaker is mainly a Polaroid photographer, who uses an original SX-70 camera, from 1972. As he stated, instant pictures have this kind of “magical” colors and special quality which no other medium has, particularly if you are trying to obtain a high-saturated-color picture
  • Young Masters #10: Kenji Onglao

    Young Masters #10: Kenji Onglao
    "I shoot on film, and believe that narrative counts over technique". This is the first sentence you can find in the “About” section of Kenji Onglao’s website: it tells much about him and his irreverent way of photographing. A film lover, just like people who love Lomography.
  • Young Masters #09: Johnny Martyr

    Young Masters #09: Johnny Martyr
    Johnny Martyr shoots almost exclusevely on 35mm film, with classic manual cameras. Some of his pics have been featured in several Baltimore and New York art galleries. What is cool about his photography is the main focus on natural light, which is particularly important if you don’t want to deal with studio equipment.
  • Young Masters #08: Olga Zlobina

    Young Masters #08: Olga Zlobina
    There’s a new phenomenon in the young photography atmosphere, which is represented by a brand new class of photographers who came from the Russian-speaking areas of the world. This is the case with the talented Olga Zlobina, who is a great artist in human portraits.
  • Young Masters #07: Clara Nebeling

    Young Masters #07: Clara Nebeling
    Clara Nebeling is a young girl who started getting seriously into photography this year, but you should easily say that she is very talented. Sometimes she has an image fixed in her mind and she tries to recreate it, until she gets exactly what she had in her head.
  • Young Masters #06: Bianka Kielbasa

    Young Masters #06: Bianka Kielbasa
    Bianka Kielbasa, 20 years old, from Poland and based in Sweden. After two years of practicing, she became a very expressive young photographer, who focus mostly on people. Maybe her Psychology studies helped her to understand how to catch a certain feeling in composing her pictures about human subjects.
  • Young Masters #05: Elena Ayllon

    Young Masters #05: Elena Ayllon
    Elena Ayllon is born in 1986 and grew up in Tokyo. European genes surrounded by Japanese culture; she moved back to Madrid, working with 35mm and giving to her picture this peculiar “freedom” of soul and style. Her story makes for a curious mixture of culture influences, which melt perfectly together in the composition of her images.
  • Young Masters #04: Hannah Nagle

    Young Masters #04: Hannah Nagle
    Hannah Nagle is not only an 18-year-old aspiring photographer but she's also an optimistic one. Optimism is the main feature of her photography style with a peculiar similarity to Gustav Klimt’s colors and composition in some of her shots. Her pictures are a great expression of a simple teenager's vision of the world.
  • Young Masters #3: Elizabeth Weinberg

    Young Masters #3: Elizabeth Weinberg
    Elizabeth Weinberg is pretty well known for how she is able to make her awesome pictures look like a film. She didn't study photography formally and this made the difference in her composition style, because of her incredible ability to add curious personality to her portrait shots.
  • Young Masters #02: Zoe Wiseman

    Young Masters #02: Zoe Wiseman
    Zoe lives in Malibu (CA), she loves cats a lot and she’s a member of the ASPCA. Her husband, Charlie Clouser, is a two-time Grammy nominated musician/composer and a member of Nine Inch Nails. Her pics show nudity in a dramatic, natural, and easy way.