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  • SPOT - Out of Control ended over 5 years ago

    SPOT - Out of Control
    Within the project of City Inside Art there will be a fusion of experimental, electronic music and Lomographic visualizations. Come to Poznan in the coming events and visit an exhibition, go to a party and join a workshop.
  • Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes Winner Announcement

    Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes Winner Announcement
    Doing Pinholes with your Diana+ couldn't be more satisfying, as our three winners show to you how it's done - and how it can heighten the mood with your photos.
  • Life through a blender - Feed your multiple exposing desire with the new Pinhole Blender Cameras!

    Life through a blender - Feed your multiple exposing desire with the new Pinhole Blender Cameras!
    Looking for a new way to see your world? These compact and easy to carry cameras, have the power to make brilliant blended images with the ease of pinhole photography! Each magical metal can uses a convex film plane to multiple expose and blend your subjects into a collage panorama, leaving you with stunning and perfect images at every controlled turn of the advance. And now to introduce you to the entire family!
  • Pinhole Diana F+

    Pinhole Diana F+
    Delving in some of the Diana F+ classical pinhole techniques, there is room for so much experimentation.
  • Pandre's Shopping Guide

    Pandre's Shopping Guide
    Welcome to February and welcome again to pan_dre's shopping guide.
  • Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes ended almost 6 years ago

    Special Rumble: Diana Pinholes
    We count no less than *6* different lenses in the Diana arsenal, the Fisheye, the Super Wide, the Wide, the Close - Up, the Telephoto and the standard. But the Diana will also do her work with an entirely different option - the pinhole! Remove the lens, set the camera to bulb & pinhole - chose your subject and take photography back to basics! Are you already an expert?
  • Plashes of Sunlight With Nothing Else but the Diana Camera!

    Plashes of Sunlight With Nothing Else but the Diana Camera!
    Lomo is about experimenting with your gear, looking through its sprocketed holes, touching every driving gear, pushing all the buttons and trying to see what happens. Sometimes, really interesting results can be achieved, some of them even worth to be shared as tips.
  • Holga 120 WPC

    Holga 120 WPC
    Take two ordinary Holgas, stick them together with glue and make them as flat as the LCA and you have the dimensions of Holga 120 wpc. WPC? Ja, wide pinhole camera. And that is no lie!
  • Kölner Dom

    Kölner Dom
    Cologne without the Kölner Dom? That's unthinkable. The official name is "Hohe Domkirche St. Peter and Maria" but who cares, it's the Kölner Dom. The Dom is 157,38m, the third highest church on earth. The cathedral is only 250 meters away from the Rhein. The architectural style is Gothic. From 1880 to 1884 the Kölner Dom was the highest building in the world and it's the most popular sight in Germany. Since 1996 the cathedral is a world cultural heritage.
  • Zero Image Pinhole Camera

    Zero Image Pinhole Camera
    This camera is the one I like the most and use the most, (note my nickname: cameraO(bscura), because it brings you back to the roots of photography, and it is always a surprise, whats coming out when you have developed the film.
  • Holga 120 WPC

    Holga 120 WPC
    Easy to use and hold no viewfinder, ultrawide panoramic image, versatile framing a typical Holga. Imagine your well loved Holga going through a mangle and what comes out is a sort of strange comic version of the original but twice the width. A recent addition to the ever growing world of Holga this fills another gap...a very wide one.
  • Camera Reviews Wanted

    Camera Reviews Wanted
    Camera enthusiasts out there, share your love with the rest of us! We are currently looking for reviews of the following cameras:
  • In the Shop: Looking Glass Photo

    In the Shop: Looking Glass Photo
    *Looking Glass Photo* of Berkeley, California has always been the spot to head when in the Bay Area looking for all things photographic. Hosting classes such as Pinhole Photography, this is one analog destination not to be missed. The staff consists of primarily photographers, giving you a chance to geek out and open up a dialogue on shutter speeds, aperture, film speed, and anything else a shutterbug can dream of. We caught up with owner Jen to find out more about the store, the Bay Area, and life behind the lens.
  • World Pinhole Day Gallery

    World Pinhole Day Gallery
    Last week we asked for your best shots to be taken on Sunday April 27, also know as the World Pinhole Day.
  • Polaroid Pinhole shots by mate

    Polaroid Pinhole shots by mate
    "mate1":http://www.lomohomes.com/mate1 sent us this amazingly beatuiful set of Pinholeshots taken with a pinhole card board box ( polaroid ) and polaroid back ( 665 film )!
  • DIY : Corbis Readymech Cameras

    DIY : Corbis Readymech Cameras
    If oatmeal boxes and plain cardboard are too boring for your pinhole eye, then check out these cool pinhole cams brought to you by (stock photo honcho) "Corbis":http://pro.corbis.com/ , and "Fwis":http://fwis.com/, a design firm based in NYC. These flatpack paper cameras are yours in just a click - download, print, and follow the instructions on how to piece it together. The World Pinhole Day may be over, but that’s no excuse to go pinhole and get crafty!